Most Hilarious BAHUBALI Memes To Make You Giggle And Wiggle!


Oh, what a relief when Bahubali II is finally here, isn't it? Why the hell did Kattappa kill Bahubali – not a mystery anymore! Not to worry, no spoilers here! The kind of excitement and curiousness that Bahubali created was on another level, satisfied only now, only for the people who have been the lucky ones to watch it! Wait for it, it is gonna come on Television and the few unlucky ones are gonna find out the secret too, only if it hasn't been told by someone else already! With every citizen of the country talking and discussing about Bahubali, the concept of it is not alien to even the haters of the movie and thus, we present the hilarious Bahubali memes to make you giggle and wiggle like none another!




1. Kattappa Hates KRK



There are many philosophies as to why Kattappa killed Bahubali. This being one of them also ridicules the "big star" KRK. Well, it has to be funny!


2. Tooth Fairy?



And this is why you should leave the teeth be and not try and become the "Tooth Fairy". By the way, do you have salt in your toothpaste? 


3. Candy Crush "Crusher"



If you are one of those Candy Crush requests senders, you should be happy you don't know someone like Kattappa. Or wait, are you sure?


4. Bahubali = Jadeja?



And this is just too embarrassing a fact or mistake for Kattappa to admit, eh Kattappa? Bahubali and Sir Jadeja – do you find any similarity?


5. Reality Check



The epic Bahubali scene when the protagonist lifts the Shivji had some major impact on the Indian minds and this picture – so darn true!


6. Epic Picture = Meme-ness!




With such an impactful picture and scene, memes had to be made on this! This one, well, ask any *sane* person who has been in a hostel and you will know what you need to. 


7. Question Of The Year!



Solved just recently, this mind-boggling question has disturbed the minds of every Indian and with the existing inequality and reservation system, the relativity is bang on!


8. Kattappa Doesn't Share Food



The only thing to say: He should have known. Nobody messes with Joey's food. I mean, Kattappa's too! The result is evident enough.


9. Ego



Probably Kattappa took it on his ego. And actually, anybody understandably would. Rahul Gandhi, seriously?


10. Flipkart, Help!



We would go to any heights to solve the mystery of the murder! A curious man asking Flipkart the question, and so seriously, is a proof already!


11. Batman Can't Take It



Well, some of us find Bahubali damn f***ing irritating and the ever-who-killed-him discussions around the same can seriously activate such reaction.


12. Childhood lesson?



We have learned from childhood not to ask that question but some people, like Bahubali, learn it the hard way. Or should I say, the "dead" way?


13. Thuglife



Killing such a strong and heroic personality in his own titled movie, Kattappa does deserve to enjoy the limelight of "dare" a little bit, right?


14. Point!



Well, technically – Kattappa should hire a lawyer and real soon. He may just get him out of trouble. Better Call Sau-err someone!


15. Aww!



Man, people can kill each other over such a simple thing? Well, this is India and you know that it is not entirely an exaggeration, don't you?


16. "Bali"



You lift huge Shivji, you are Bahubali. You lift a huge onion, you are Kandabali. Name suggestions, anyone?


17. Answer Modi!



Last resort is to ask Modi Ji to satisfy the curiosity, to provide the answer. Doubtfully, however, Modi Ji can't answer this too.


How did you like the funny Bahubali Memes? Do put down your comments and let us know. Hope you enjoyed reading and laughing. Cheers!



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