Top 10 Holographic Hairstyles That Are Going Viral These Days


This year is fast becoming the year of the emergence of the holographic trend. When it comes to holographic stuff, You could only imagine electronic gadgets, virtual reality and things on such lines. But never ever did you imagine that holographic hairstyles will be trending. It actually started with nail polish, then it moved on to dresses and accessories, and finally the impossible happened. A holographic hairstyle is a mixed shade of hair with different colors producing a holographic effect. Here are the top 10 holographic hairstyles that are going viral.



1. The Rainbow



First thing first, you need to be blonde or have a lighter shade of hair to go for the holographic hairstyle. The length of the hair does not matter though it looks better in long hair due to a wavy pattern forming a better illusion. The rainbow style is one of the most popular holographic hairstyles with multiple colors present in it. 



2. Short Holo-Hairstyle



This is for those with relatively short hair. They cannot go for too many colors as the effect won't get visible. Maximum of three color shades would be enough, and the colors have to be faded more than usual. 



3. The Inception



It is the first holographic hairstyle ever created, and since then it has become a trend of late, and it is still evolving. Catch the trend on Instagram and go for it at once. This is great for those with long hairs. 



4. The Princess Hairstyle



This hairstyle is best for those whose hair is not thick at all even though they are long. You have to do a little bit of makeup with it to look like an angel descended from heaven to captivate the minds of men. 



5. The Curly-Burly


This is more like celebrity hairstyle, and it is becoming very popular among models. Instagram accounts of popular models are full of this hairstyle, and it requires an expert to do it properly with the usage of too much of dyes. 



6. The Sunflower



This is the hairstyle where all the hair gets full-fledged colors from tip to root. Even though you can do the color at home, you may need assistance to pair the hairstyle of honeycomb or sunflower to make you look gorgeous. It is becoming a trend in the wedding for brides. 



7. The Symmetry


The reason for its name is clear from the photo. The color of the both sides have to be same to look super cool. The strand must contain a mixture of colors to make it stand it and spread the color according to its reference. 



8. Dominating Holographic


In this hairstyle, one color is prevalent everywhere, and it is dictating the holographic effect for the rest of the color. It is great for those who already have a hair color.



9. The Half Holographic


This is what those who are not blonde are going for. It is safe in the sense that the top half of your hair is touched while you are coloring only the backend half. It is very eye-catching even though it does not properly give a holographic projection. 



10. The Teacher's Choice



This has become a trend among teachers to do half of the hair as holographic while the other half remains untouched. The reason for the uncolored half could be tattooed on the shoulder which should not get dissolved in multiple color combinations


The trend of holographic hairstyles is taking the world by storm. You should select the best one from the list and go for it at once to get all the attention effortlessly. 



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