This Is How Rapists Are Punished In Different Countries!

Raping is considered to be one of the evilest crimes in the world. Only a sick person can do something so terrible to somebody. It does not matter what the age of the criminal is, he or she should be liable to severe punishments. Yet, some of them manage to prolong their light punishment thanks to the complications of laws in some countries. There are some countries who set the example for the rest of the world to follow as far as punishing the rapists to the extremes.  They have zero tolerance to criminals to such degrees. Check out how they punish the rapists.

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Rapists are hung to death in the open in front of the public to set an example. Sometimes, they are shot to death as well. There is a way to lessen the punishment from the permission of the victim but still, it would lead to life imprisonment.


Instead of giving rapists an easy death, Franch laws sentence rapists to be in a torturous jail so that they can feel what their victims went through. The duration of the stay in the jail is equivalent to the harm caused to the victims.

UAE and Afghanistan

In a matter of a week, rapists are shot to death and hung to death with no chance of negotiation.

North Korea

North Korea may not be a sound state to be in for many but there is no mercy for rapists to any extent. A rapist is fired by a firing squad in the open to set the fear in the mind of the North Koreans and foreigners who visit the country.


Any kind of physical activity like french kissing without consent is considered as a rape in the country no matter what the extent is. The culprits are liable to imprisonment depending on the degree of harm caused.


India has become strict with the laws against rapists. As per the new bill passed in 2013, there is a provision for imprisonment from 7 to 14 years and in some cases, rapists can be hung to death.


China has zero tolerance against the rapists. Sometimes, they cut off the genitals of rapists and sometimes, there could be no trial before sentencing the punishment. There are chances of innocent people getting the severe punishment.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia set a violent example for the rest of the world to follow and many may argue that a rapist deserves it. They sedate rapists and behead them publicly in a few days.

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