Some Crazy Facts About Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is the most trending topic in today’s world and there are so many unanswered questions regarding the virus and its outbreak. There are so many conspiracies floating around and we are listing down some of the crazy facts you did not see coming.

The Corona Beer band

The impact of this mistaken belief is unclear as sources have given different results.  According to British market research, Corona beer’s buzz score has dropped from 75-51 since the beginning of 2020. Initially, they were bewildered and linked it with the Corona beer brand.

Whistleblower Scientist

The Chinese population was upset after LI’s unfortunate death. Chinese doctor Li  Wenliang also cautioned fellow medics about the possibility of an outbreak. He died after contracting Covid-19. This carried-out hashtags which trended on a Chinese social media site-Weibo.  However, the Chinese government was quick to censor both hashtags.

Deadlier for men

The exact reason is still unknown. But it’s linked to the higher levels of estrogen hormone in women as conflicting to a man’s one X chromosomes. The gender difference could occur for evolutionary reasons as women have to remain healthy for longer times.

Killed more people than SARS

The overall death rate from Covid-19 appears to be 3.4%, while the fatality rate from SARS was a whopping 9.6%. The major concern of Covid is how easily it spreads.  One is at risk if one is within 1.8 meters of an infectious person.

May kill the global economy

Economists predict that economic growth could rebound rather quickly if the outbreak is effectively held-back. People are cutting down to travel and use other services at this time. However, we should expect an increase in the subscription to Netflix as people binge-watch shows.

Bioweapon Going Rogue

The people over the internet have administered the Covid-19 epidemic surprisingly in a mature way. The surge of new cases outside Wuhan has led some people to be suspicious. Even politicians seem to have conspiracy fever. The US Senator also charged the Chinese government of foul play.

Issue of Racism-Politics

Most of the spread to other nations is due to non-Asians visiting China. They are returning to their countries rather than the other way round.  This new epidemic has brought-forth racism and xenophobia. Anti-Chinese sentiment has been building up in the past two months.


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