8 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media Sites!

In today’s world, nothing is possible without sharing them on social media. Starting from showing off your expensive gifts to sharing intimate moments with photos and videos, people seem to live a parallel digital life. They keep sharing anything and everything instantly without thinking twice the negative consequences that might befall easily. They are more into showing off that they have a better lifestyle and want everyone’s attention just to fulfill their ego. The following is the list of things you should reconsider before sharing in public.

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1. Expensive Items

It is better not to share expensive on social media because when others will go through your post, they might get insecurity of their own lives, get jealous of you, create distance from you due to your wealthy state or what not. There are some who might also try to steal the same from you. Therefore, do no make a dedicated post instead, you can show it unwilling in a post where your expensive item is not the focal point.

2. Financial Information

There has been a rise in the trend of sharing financial statement like credit card bill, posting about becoming a millionaire and likewise on social media just to attract attention and show that such people are wealthy than others. Apart from facing financial issues from income tax department, you can attract the attention of hackers.

3. Live Vacation Update

People just love to share what they are doing on their vacation live every hour. They even show the hotel, the room, the exact location they are in. Furthermore, some people also share where they will be beforehand. The world is full of wicked people and you never know how your live updates can be the reason for your misery. Make sure no one can trace you and you can post after coming back from vacation.

4. Personal Documents

Some people show off their new personal identification documents like Passport, Voter card and what not. Such photos can be printed out and used by others easily. Keep your personal identification documents private.

5. Complaint About Work

Complaining about your work or workplace is not a good idea unless you want to lose your job. When you complain, it portrays a bad image of your company to the public and the company is not going to take it lightly if the officials come across it. Even your coworkers can bring it to the notice of the higher officials.

6. Showing Illegal Actions

Most of the times, people do not know what they are posting and the extent of punishment he or she can face for the same. For example, drink and drive are prohibited yet some young guns show it off on social media. There are various such cases of killing animals, bullying people and posting on social media can send people to jail.

7. Selfies Of Sacred Events

Some people post happy face selfies in a funeral, cemetery, church all of which are considered inappropriate and disrespectful.

8. Private Moments

For some weird reasons, couples find it interesting to share their intimate moments on social media as if they are spreading the love. They post deep kissing photos, moments before making out photos and various such inappropriate things which make it easy for people to fake them and extort money.

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