11 Most Expensive Liquid In The World That Will Leave You Speechless


Most of us have this wrong notion that diamond is the most precious thing in the world and that only solid things are worth everything in the world. There are some liquids that are so expensive that even the richer guys cannot afford them in gallons. Here are the top 11 most expensive liquid on Earth you should know about. 



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1. Scorpion Venom 




It costs around $39,000,000 per Gallon because of its limited availability. Only 25 species of scorpions have them and they contain proteins that are useful in medicine industry.




2. King Cobra Venom




It costs around $153,000 per Gallon. King Cobra has the most poisonous venom in the world and it contains a unique protein that can heal any pain.




3. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide




It costs around $123,000 per Gallon. It is a hallucinogenic material that is used across the world, and it is a powerful agent that becomes effective in short time.




4. Horseshoe Crab Blood




It cost around $60,000 per Gallon. It is blue in color, and it has many medical benefits. It is instrumental in detoxifying bacterial toxins.




5. Chanel No.5




It costs around $26,00 per Gallon. It is a popular fragrance across the world. It is made from a complex chemical formula. It is for women to cause sexual proactiveness in men. 




6. Insulin




It costs around $9,400 per Gallon. Those who have extreme diabetes know how much it is worth it. It is the most precious hormone secreted by human beings it seems.




7. Mercury




It costs around $3,400 per Gallon. It is the only liquid metal so far, and it has so many uses. It can conduct electricity and vapor can be used in street lighting.




8. Black Printer Ink




It costs around $2,700 per gallon. All those who have to refill their printers very often, they know its true cost. You will end up spending more money on ink than in printer in a very short time. 




9. Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid




It costs around $2,500 per gallon. It is an anesthetic during a medical operation. It is generated by the central nervous system under certain conditions of the body. 




10. Human Blood




It costs around $1,500 per gallon. It is the most valuable thing to human beings. It is the process of storing the blood that makes it so costly. 




11. Nail Polish


It costs around $890 per Gallon. It comes as surprise for many because we only used a little amount of nail polish in every life and hence, we do not feel the effect of its high price. 



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