15 Weirdest Ways Humans Have Actually Died!

Nearly 105 people died every minute. Most of them are natural and accidental deaths but there are a few that are beyond your imagination. Some of those unnatural ways are freaky, bizarre and even funny enough that an annual award named Darwin Award is presented to them. Death from masturbation, falling from the bed, laughter, extreme sexual acts and even vending machines are unheard off. Here is a shocking compilation of bizarre ways human beings have died.


1. Imbalanced Plane


In 2010, a plane was carrying passengers along with a crocodile in a bag. The crocodile freed itself of the bag and came where the passengers were sitting. They got so scared that everyone ran towards the flight deck. The plane got imbalanced and crashed.


2. Water Intoxication


In 2007, one competition was held where the contestants had to drink as much water as they can. A woman named Jennifer Strange who was about to be declared winner drank so much water that she got totally intoxicated and died on the spot. 


3. Laugh Out Loud



In 1975, a person named Alex Mitchell was watching a comedy show on BBC channel. He started laughing so loud that he died of heart failure. Well, at least he died happily.


4. Excessive Intercourse


A Nigerian person named Uroko Onoja had six wives and he decided to have intercourse with every one of them in succession. By the time he penetrated his fifth wife, he ran out of breath and died. 


5. Drone Crashed



A woman named Wallace was flying a heavy drone and she lost sight of it due to sun rays falling right on her eyes. A few moments later, the drone had a head on collision with her and she died on the spot. 


6. Sky Diving



In 1988, skydiver Ivan McGuire decided to film his complete skydiving with a camera. While diving he was so excited that he forgot to take his parachute and end up videotaping his own death.


7. Cockroach Eating Contest



In 2012, Florida saw a nail-biting finish to a cockroach eating contest. The winner died shortly after his speech due to cockroach's parts choked him completely. 


8. Snake's Head


In 2013, a Chef Peng Fan died when he was bitten by a cobra's separated head which he chopped off 20 minutes earlier. The case has been deemed as highly unusual. 


9. Company's Representative



A popular company's representative Garry was demonstrating that the glass they used is absolutely unbreakable. He threw himself into the glass on the 24th floor and the glass broke and he fell from such a height and died. 


10. Leftover Poison


Karen Wetterhahn used a glove to use poison in a chemistry process at home. 10 months later, he used the same gloves and used his mouth to open it from his hand and died of poisoning. 


11. Angry Golfer


You have seen many golfers getting angry and throwing their golf club. Jeremy did the same on a bench and the golf club bounced back to pierce his heart.


12. Double Death


In 2011, a Russian named Fagilyu was declared dead by mistake from the doctors and during her funeral, she woke up. When she saw what was going on and how people reacted to see her alive, she panicked and suffered a heart attack.


13. Long Bread Problem



Hans Steininger was the person is the longest beard in the world. In a panic situation, he started running on the street and got tripped over his own beard so much so that he kept rolling and hit by a vehicle.


14. Forceful Stoppage


A Danish nobleman named Tycho Brahe died when he forcefully stopped himself from getting relieved while he was attending a banquet. He actually died a few days later due to kidney disorder


15. Real Acting


A British actor died of heart attack when he was actually portraying the role of a heart attack on live television


Death can arrive at any point in whatever way possible. If you have heard of any such weird ways by which people have died, do mention them in the comment section.





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