List of Best Pandora Stations For All The Different Types Of Mood

After Spotify, Pandora Internet Radio is the new viral service in the US. It is a free music stream service and currently, it operates only in the US. The service is based on automatic music recommendations based on similar traits of a chosen song.  Users listen to songs recommended to them and press thumbs up or down and provide feedback based on which further recommended music and songs are played. One can use it from their computer through a web browser or desktop application as well as from their mobile phone app.

As a matter of fact, over 90% of users are mobile users. There are over 250 million registered users and 81 million active users at present. 48% of users are male and rest female.The largest age group users are from 35 to 44 years. On average, Americans use the app 25 minutes a day. It is among top three music streaming services with Spotify and iHeartRadio. Here are the best Pandora stations for all the different types of environments like study, work, driving, relaxing and likewise.



List of Best Pandora Stations for All your Mood Types


How Does Pandora Radio Work?


Before listing the best Pandora stations, it is important to understand its functioning as it is unique and different from existing music streaming services. While other services, recommend you songs based on other users' listening habits, Pandora recommends you songs after analyzing the notes of the music your are playing and matching over 40 musical attributes with the feature known as Music Genome

Therefore, you are going to get the recommended songs as close as the one you are enjoying currently. You can login to Pandora and search songs by its name, artist or genre and create a station by playing a song. The station will contain all the songs related to the first song you selected. You can press thumb down to stop a song and skip to the next one. A second thumb down to the same artist will get him banned from your station.


1. Top Pandora Stations For Partying



Hipster Cocktail Party

This is a station that gets you in the mood of partying instantly and it is absolutely lit. Nina Simone, Van Morrison, and Bill Withers are some of the popular artists featuring on the station and it is perfect when you are partying with family members and work colleagues.


Blues BBQ

Whatever the occasion is and whatever the weather is, Blues BBQ is the lifeline for party freaks. It is one of the most played station and various superstars feature on the station to surprise the listeners. Put on your dancing shoes and get the BBQ ready for a grand party.

Yacht Rock

Rock music is the ultimate drug for hard partying. This is a great station especially when you are partying outside with your friends on a vacation. 


2. Top Pandora Stations For Work Out And Gym



Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Radio 

This is a tailor-made station to get your amp up and work out hard in the gym like a fitness freak. It will ease the toll your body takes and you can continue your work out for a long time. The songs are high-octane and it features Pitbull, Eminem, Sesha just to name a few. 


Rap Strength Training Radio

If you are in the gym and not listening to rap songs, you are doing injustice with yourself. This station is a boon for every fitness guy out there and some of the common artists are Jay-Z, Dr.Dre, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne. It is the drug that will push you to go the extra mile.


Classic Rock Power Workout

Rock music will help you when you do a heavy workout. It features AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Survivor and likewise.


Sexy And I Know It

This station is particularly made for all the girls working out in the gym. It features Maroon 6, Chistina Aguilera, Florida, Pitbull to get you in the mood and shape.


3. Top Pandora Stations For Relaxation and Mental Peace




Mental peace and inner calmness come from the sound of the mother Nature. You can hear the sound of waterfall, wind, birds, ocean, rhythmic musical instruments like piano, violin, strings, and woodwind. These .


David Lanz

David Lanz is popular for composing music that provides gets you in meditative state quickly. No wonders how his composed music can calm your anxiety and stress at the end of the day and put you in deep sleep.



If you always like to hear a rock band, this station is for you to provide your brain the moments of peace and serene. It is based on rock instrumental music that is highly soothing to the ears and amazingly rhythmic. 


4. Top Pandora Stations For Studying



Solo Piano Radio

There are different types of piano music available like pop piano, classical piano, and easy listening piano music. The sound of a piano is considered to ideal to increasing concentration and memory power during studying. 


Film Scores Radio

This is one of the most listened stations on Pandora because the tracks played on the station are motivational and emotional. It will inspire you and pump your blood to work hard and push yourself further to study better.

Instrumental Folk Radio

If you are a lover of country music and has a taste to appreciate different types of folk songs, this station is ideal for you as a student. Amazing yourself studying and instrumental folk music playing in the background with no lyrics but musical instruments like solo guitars, and banjos. Instantly, your profoundness for studying attentively will increase. 


5. Top Pandora Stations For Date Night and Love Making



Explosion In The Sky

This is a tailor-made station for date night at home with sweet romantic beats and soft rhythmic songs. It also has songs that will set fire to the heart for a couple making love to each other.

R&B Love Songs Station

All the different types of loves songs are available starting from the first date to honeymoon and first make out session. It features Adele, Usher, Enrique all of which are silky hits that will turn you on. 

The XX

From the name itself, you can understand the mood it will set your into. It is perfect for the nights when you plan you take things far with your partner in bed. It contains songs from English Indie Pop groups and various music that will increase the passion and turn a couple crazy.


6. Top Pandora Stations For Office and Productivity




Monday is always the day where you find it hard to keep up with the work due to the so-called jet lag of the weekend. Hence, Foundation is designed to get you in the mood to work hard and increase your productivity significantly with motivation songs and beats.


With A Twist

When you have the likes of Pitbull, Sean Paul and popular DJs playing in the background, your energy level always takes a spike. It will surely give you an adrenaline rush.



This is one of the most listened stations on Fridays as it is marketed to be the best channel to play while working. It motivates you to work hard on the last day of the week and get you in the mood of the weekend towards the end of the day. 


If you are a regular user of Pandora Radio, do mention which are the top stations you listen to in our comment section.




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