The Epic List Of 30 Sister Tag Questions

Getting tired of boredom and want to have fun with your sister in a unique way? The sister tag questions game is what you need to try out right now, and the following engaging and interesting tag questions will ensure that both of you have a quality time like you never had for a long time.

You can ever do it together live on your sister's social media profile and share the excitement and enjoyment to her friends and followers. 



Good Questions To Go With The Flow



1. What is the favorite memory you have of us together?

It is always good to start with things that are easy to recall. 


2. Which is the one electronic gadget you wish you had?

You can know her wish and gift her in the next birthday. 


3. How would you react if someone bullies me in front of you?

This is a good question to bring out the love between you two. 


4. What are the things that annoy you about me?

It is time to confirm that your annoying behavior so that you can do them again. 


5. What are the best things about one another?

This is where you can also participate not to make the session one-sided.

6. What are my favorite things – color, songs, dresses, vacation spot, and TV show?

Time to test how much your sister knows about you. 


7. Which is the easiest way to make me angry?

It is just to know the factors she uses all the time to annoy you. 


8. Which has been the worst day of your life?

It will hit the sad chord, but it is always better to get things off the chest. 


9. What is one humiliating nickname you have/had at home/school/college?

Most of us have one that we hate. 


10. How should my soulmate be?

If your sister understands you well, she could narrate the best description to help you find the perfect one. 


Interesting Questions That Are Fun To Answer



11. What are the common topics of argument and how can we settle them?

It is time to settle your difference of opinion once and for all, hopefully. 


12. If our house is on fire and you have a chance to save a priceless thing, what would it be?

It is really interesting. 


13. Did you ever try out my underwears?

Most of them try it out in childhood if there is any opportunity as such. 


14. What are the qualities you look in a boy before flirting with him?

You can help her find the type of boys she is looking for to start a fresh relationship. 


15. What is one physical and personality trait you would like to change in me?

The answer could be intriguing. 


16. What are the hottest dresses you can wear in public to get attention?

Girls like to wear hot dresses to get attention rather than the comfort factor they always put forward. 


17. Share the most embarrassing moment you have in your life?

She might be reluctant to share it. 


18. What are the things that make me nervous?

If your sister knows you well, she should answer it perfectly. 


19. Would you cheat your partner if your dream crush approaches you?

This is a test of character and value. 


20. Would you prefer a bath or get dressed together every day with your partner and why?

This is a dilemma because both of them are romantic.


Killer Questions That No one Saw Coming



21. What are the weird things you do when alone?

You can expect something naughty and nasty. 


22. On your wedding night, would you do a striptease or make your partner strip you?

Either way, the guy would be the winner.


23. Share the most cringe worthy activity you have done in your life so far.

You are tapping on her box of secrets!

24. How many lollipops did you suck so far?

Things are getting dirty!


25. Who is the male celebrity with how you want to lose your virginity?

Every girl wants to lose her virginity to someone special. 


26. Name one unusual place where you would like to make love to a stranger in full circle?

You are cranking it up for her to answer!


27. Where do you like to get touched and pressed?

Everyone has a spot of activation. 


28. Share one lesbian encounter you had in your life.

It is no secret that most of the girls want to kiss another girl at least once for an experiment in private. 


29. Did you ever have any adult video chat?

In today's world, it is very common. 


30. Did you have sex chat with someone you did not know in person?

All of us are human beings and sexually desperate at some point in our life.


You can start now if your sister is around and you can thank you later. You can discover some secret, how much your sister loves and cares for you and you can take a trip down the memory lane and have some really cherishable time. Need more fun? Just enjoy asking these sibling tag questions to your siblings and put an end to your sibling rivalry.



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