List of 31 Sibling Tag Questions to Know How Much They Mean to You

One thing that has become a raging trend these days is tag questions, where you get to ask a list of questions to your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or in this case your sibling and they have to answer those questions in front of a video camera. They can't just answer randomly by taking a lot of time but have to say what comes to their mind first, to ensure candor.


It is a way to show them that you love them, in front of the world, and also letting them know that they and you know a lot about each other. All you need is the questions that we have carefully selected, to make that bond even stronger. So get tagging and recording, upload them on YouTube to show them your love.



General Cool Tag Questions



1. What do you love the most about your sibling?


The obvious sibling love question!


2. What is the one thing that is common in both of you?


Something that either both of you hate or love.


3. What friend of the other do you like the most?


Also, this could be like asking if the other had a crush on one fo your friends.


4. Whose room is cleaner between the two of you?


This really is a 'choosing the lesser evil' kinda thing.


5. What would you love to do together?


Siblings always love to do things together, until they grow apart.


6. Who among the two of you takes longer to get ready?


If there is a sister in there she would, but there is a possibility that a gay brother could outdo her!


7. What nicknames do you have for each other?


Fun and insulting ones, for sure.


8. What is one weird habit about your sibling?


Something that you would beat out of them!


9. When and for what was your last big argument?


It's really hard remembering them, they keep happening all the time.




Deeper Digging Tag Questions



10. Who has a better sense of humor?


The one with the better sense of humor will also be the one who mingles better.


11. What is the funniest memory involving the two of you?


It wold either be one of them falling off or embarrassing himself/herself.


12. What was the last text that you sent to your brother/sister?


You really gotta concentrate to get this one.


13. Have you ever stolen anything from the other?


This too is a commonality among siblings who 'share'.


14. Who has the better singing voice? 


A more mature question for mature siblings.


15. Who has the face to win beauty pageants?


Another one for one sibling to praise the other.


16. Who among the two of you is more humble?


Humility would have been a rarity amongst siblings!


17. Who is more talkative?


The sister would be, but if both of them are sisters then we have a game on.


18. What is the one thing that your sibling needs and cannot live without at all?


This they would have forgotten and asked for repeatedly, while they are out.


19. Who is your sibling seeing right now?


Rarely do siblings not know about each other's love life.


20. What are your sibling's most loved food and drink?


This could be as a kid or now when they have grown up.



Psychological Tag Questions



21. Who was your sibling's very first crush/boyfriend or girlfriend?


Another love-life related question that the other would surely know of.


22. Is there a physical trait in your sibling that you have wanted to have?


Indirectly asking for something that you are jealous of him/her.


23. Which one of you is closer to your parents?


The parents' pet question.


24. Who out of the two of you is more immature?


Normally it is the younger one, but let's see who it is.


25. Which one of you is a bigger spendthrift?


Again it would be the younger immature one, but let's see who comes out on top.


26. What is the dumbest decision that your sibling has made?


Something that you might not want to tell in front to him or her.


27. Can you guess your sibling's dream job?


They would have gone on and on about this one.


28. If you ever move away from your bro/sis what would you most miss about them?


That fateful day that every sibling dreads, and cannot express in words.


29. What is a childhood secret that you have kept from your sibling all these years?


It better not be something like stealing her boyfriend!


30. Which one of you is lazier?


This one is a question for the parents, really.


31. Which one of you would most likely become the pope?


Asking which one would break due to the increasing demands of the society and take up a life of celibacy and spiritualism.


With that, we end the list of sibling tag questions. However, ViralTalks hasn't stopped with only the sibling tag questions and will never. We have other articles narrating on brother, sister & cousin tag questions which will even make your brotherhood or sisterhood much stronger.


Let us know if you liked them and in case you have some better questions for the same comment in the comments section below.





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