List Of 30 Exciting Cousin Tag Questions You Should Try

Tag questions have grown tremendously popular over the few months, thanks to avid YouTubers who find a new thing to start a trend every day. After boyfriend, girlfriend, and sibling tag questions, and just when we thought we were running ou of dear ones, this one pops in. There are more than 150 videos and blogs answering these tag question on the internet. Go crazy!


Cousins are almost like siblings to us, or they just aren't, depending on your view of them! LOL. We might have looked up to them as more than siblings, or just the ones to pop our cherries with! Anyway, adhering to the latest buzz around the internet of tagging your near and dear ones with a list of questions, and asking to answer them on tape in a jiffy, we bring you the cousin tag questions.



The Basic Questions



1. Describe your cousin in 3 words, flat.


Positive or negative, left to your imagination.


2. Which movies that you've watched together have you loved?


Cousins like to watch movies together, and there is bound to be that ONE.


3. What would your cousin and you do for fun when you were kids?


Ah, the innocent childhood memories, recall them.


4.  Nicknames for each other?


We're sure you and your friends in the neighborhood had fun nicknames for you.


5. Have you ever fooled around with your cousin?


This, of course, is the weirdest yet common family hookups, so maybe it happened?


6. Do you like hanging out with your cousin?


As straight as an arrow!


7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot is your cousin?


Another question that lingers on borderline incest, go on.


8. If you had to, which aunt would you choose to live with?


In a huge family, you and your cousin would have a lot of options, if it ever came to that.


9. Who is better looking?


A question that could render your equation rocky.




The Fun Questions



10. What was the most stupid thing you did with your cousin?


Come on, we all were stupid when we were/are young.


11. When and what was your last text to your cousin?


Hard to remember but worth it, if you can.


12. Do you fight a lot or not?


Translates to, how hard did you fight?


13. Have you ever got into trouble together?


Any screw ups you remember from the long list?


14. What was the last thing you guys did together?


Movie? Paintball? Netflix? Fooled around?


15. What is the one nicest thing that your cousin did for you?


Favors that he or she did when you needed one the most.


16. What is the one thing that you hate about your cousin?


We all hate something or the other about anyone.


17. What is the one weird thing about your cousin you love?


Make a quick choice, or he or she will think that you don't love 'em at all.


18. What is your cousin's favorite color?


Kind of a silly question, but still tells a lot.


19. Who is your cousin's crush?


Girls generally would have spilled ou these things way before this question is asked.


20. When and for what did you guys last have an argument?


Cousin fights are rare but can happen and when they do, they are for hilariously silly reasons.



The Sensitive Questions



21. What is the one thing that your cousin owns and you are jealous of?


Jelly much of his Xbox or her high heeled boots? Spit it out!


22. Have you ever had a crush on your cousin's boyfriend/girlfriend?


Surely you would have daydreamed about them at class, right?


23. If only the two of you could go on a vacation where would it be?


Your favorite places combined, there would be that special vacay-place.


24. Share an inside joke of yours.


Preferably an embarrassing joke.


25. Do you have a particular song that you both love?


If the two of them are just boys or just girls then they would.


26. Show the very first photograph of the two of you.


If it is on the phone then it's easier, not when it's shoved away in a photo album.


27. What is the weirdest conversation that you two have ever had?


you surely would have, maybe as kids or even adults had some racy and weird talks, especially when nobody was around.


28. Have you ever had a sexy dream about your cousin?


Again, no harm in fantasizing about your hot cousin, especially if it is just a dream.


29. Where did you hang out most as kids?


Maybe a favorite ice cream shop or the local playground.


30. Share one thing about your cousin that would kill him/her.


A deep secret that would make him or her walk around with a mask.


That brings us to the end of this fun list of questions to tag your cousin and test their knowledge of you. Also, there are a lot of articles to test your near and dear ones with our extraordinary relationship tag questions.


We are always hungry for your feedback, let us know what you think of the list in the comments and reactions sections below.



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