30 Best Friend Tag Questions To Ask – Updated List

Do you think you know your best friend completely? Why don’t you take a challenge and have some fun time together learning more about him or her with best friend tag questions? You can also try it out with a new friend to break the ice and become a close friend.

You can ask interesting questions to know more about your BFF’s disliking, lifestyle, preference, and likewise. You can do it when you are bored and want to roast your best friend.

30 Best Friend Tag Questions

Ice Breaker Questions

1. What makes you happy and sad?

It is important that you know them so that you can offer her some happy moments and avoid the factors that make him or her sad.

2. Share a few funny moments in your life.

Your viewers will have a blasting time.

3. What are the short-term and long-term goals in your life?

It is always important to know your friend’s life goals so that you can help in all possible way and discuss it in the future as well.

4. What are the first three things you watch out in a person when you are interacting for the first time?

The viewers would get to know the factors to impress him or her easily.

5. What are the favorite places you dream of traveling to?

It is always great to discuss travel goals.

6. Describe your ideal soulmate.

You would get an idea of the type of person he or she likes, and maybe you can find a perfect match.

7. What are your favorite dishes and type of food you prefer?

This is what you must know else you should not be friends anymore.

Good Questions

8. What is the unique talent you have?

Every person has some unique talent, and if your friend does not know yet, you may just point it out. You can also suggest her to take some online assessments that reveal it.

9. What are the things that annoy you the most?

Definitely, you should try them out at her sometimes.

10. What are the best memories you have of us together?

It is a great question that will let you take a trip down memory lane.

11. What are the personal shortcomings you would love to improve?

It is time to let your friend retrospect.

12. What is the first thing you notice while watching a person of the opposite gender?

It can be se*ual, but it is most likely to be romantic.

13. What do you surf a lot on the internet?

It could reveal some of her favorite interests in the virtual world.

14. Describe your plans for a romantic date.

If your best friend is of the opposite gender, you can take some cues for the future.

Interesting Questions

15. What are some of the worse pickup line you have ever heard?

It is time to laugh out loud.

16. What is the most horrible social media post by your friends that you ever saw?

Well, you are trying to create controversies like some journalists.

17. Share an interesting story from your life so far.

It is going to be a treat for the viewers even if you already know the story.

18. What type of dresses will you never ever wear?

That will kill a lot of fantasizers in viewers.

19. What is the nastiest thing you have ever done?

Not many people would like to share dark secrets in public!

20. Which favorite celebrity do you fantasize about the most?

There is a difference between a crush and fantasize.

21. What physical features would you like to change your body?

You can say some good lines to lessen her regret.

22. What is your size?

Ahem, ahem. It is actually a funny question, and it depends on the presence of the mind.

23. Given a chance, would you make out with me?

This is a real killer.

Personal Questions

24. What is the instant turn-on factor for you?

This is just to help your friend’s future lovers!

25. How many one-night stands did you have?

Well, you are getting personal!

26. Share a few embarrassing moments in your life.

It is time for some real entertainment.

27. What is the kinkiest video you have ever watched?

It would be amazing to check her narrative out.

28. Describe how you would have a perfect wedding night.

Things are about to get hot.

29. What is the one BDSM move you want to try out?

Fifty Shades of Grey has turned us all dirty-minded.

30. What are the se*ual acts you would allow your partner to do in public with you?

This is too personal and your friend may just leave shut the camera!

Take these amazing best friend tag questions to challenge with your bosom buddy, best friend forever, roommate, a new friend, old friend, and even your cousins. You can even check your lover, how much he/she knows you with the relationship tag questions; where you can find an epic list that you wouldn’t have thought yet. Have an awesome time knowing the person. Cheers!

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