The Epic List Of 50 Good Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Boys by nature are less talkative than girls. They believe more in action than words. It is the same reason why you will hear the three magical words "I Love You" very rarely from your boyfriend, but you will get more kisses and hugs to imply the same. From psychology's point of view, quality conversations are necessary for a relationship to prosper and last for long. One of the main ingredients of a quality conversation is great questions to ask your boyfriend and good questions to ask a girl.

But girls generally run out of ideas for great questions. Hence, the conversation turns boring, and their boyfriends start losing interest in them. There are wide varieties of questions to ask your partner and keep them interested and hooked in a conversation.

These questions will help in understand your lover well and get more insight of his character and lifestyle. You will also be able to discover the common things and the compatibility factors. Here is the epic list of great questions to ask your boyfriend and flourish in your relationship. 


List Of Good Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend 


Great Questions

These questions will throw light on how valuable you and your relationship is for your boyfriend. You can understand whether your relationship will last longer and whether this is love or just another relationship for short to medium term. 



1. Why do you think you need me in your life?

This is a great question to ask your guy to find out the importance you have in his life. The answer could be sugar-coated, and so you need to find out the exact reason why he values you and whether your relationship will really sustain in the long term. 

2. What are your life goals in the next 10 to 15 years?

This is another question that will reveal how much importance your lover is giving you in his life. If none of his goals feature you in them, he is yet to accept you as his life partner. 


3. How do you deal with people you don't like or hate?

By asking this question, you are trying to find out how he will treat you in case you break up some day. A good guy would be forgiving while an ordinary guy would be venting out his anger. 


4. If I have to settle far away, would you come with me? If yes, how will you do that?

This will test you boyfriend's ego and how far he can comprise to have you in his life. 


5. What are the things that you think can make our relationship sour?

This is a deep question to ask your guy, and hopefully, the honest answer will make you aware of the things you should never do if you value your boyfriend. 


6. Where do you think we lack in our relationship mentally, emotionally and physically?

Asking questions like this will help to have a healthy relationship in spite of how awkward it might sound. 


7. What are those things that you think have changed in me and you miss them?

Most boyfriends lose interest in their girlfriends because some things do change in the girls once they get into a relationship. This is the question that will help you get back to being the one whom your boyfriends liked the most. 

8. What are the strengths and weaknesses of our relationship and how is it different from others?

Not only will this question help you to understand your relationship or your boyfriend better, but it would also reveal the past relationships of your boyfriend because he is likely to differentiate with respect to his past relationship subconsciously. 


9. What are the biggest differences between us ad how to minimize them?

You need to ask your guy this question to sort out the differences and prolong your relationship.


10. What would you do if a hot girl in your workplace hits on you?

Obviously, the answer would be like ignoring completely. But you should insist on knowing the measures he is willing to take if the girl persists. 



Random Questions 

These are those questions that will put your boyfriend on the spot to deal with life situations. This will help you to understand your guy better and how smart or dumb he is.



11. What would you do if you were told that you have only one month to live?

The answer to this question will reveal the character of your guy. It will clarify where he is self-oriented or cares about sharing and making other people happy. 


12. How would you describe me to a person who does not know me?

This is one of the high-quality questions to ask your boyfriend to put him on the spot. This will help in understanding how your boyfriend will manage awkward situations and help you meet up with his family members. 


13. Can you guess what you are thinking right now?

This is a freaky question, and if your guy is smart, he will come up with funny ideas. If he is dumb, he will ignore it or get angry when you press him to answer it. 


14. Would you like to meet my parents or introduce me to your parents?

A boy generally does not like to meet his girlfriend's parents or have his girlfriend meet his parents until they are sure they have met their soulmate. So, this answer will reveal whether to is going to settle down with you or just hanging around with you for the moment. 


15. What is the one secret you never told me and want me to forgive you?

This is one of the toughest questions for your lover to answer. Everyone has secrets, and if he confesses honestly, you must pardon his guilt. 


16. What are your thoughts about us getting married in the near future?

This is one of the freaky questions to ask your partner, and you can catch him off guard. If he lays out a clear plan for future, it means he has started accepting you as his soulmate else you need to work on your relationship. 


17. What was the reason your last relationship ended?

Again, this is one of the toughest questions for your love to answer and quite an uncomfortable question for the asking. But the answer can help you prolong your relationship by not making the same mistake. 


18. How have your changed as a person from your teenage till now?

This is one of the best questions to ask your partner that he is going to love a lot.


19. What can you sacrifice for a stranger to make her happy?

The aim of asking this question is to find you how low can he fall for a hot girl.




Romantic Questions 

Everyone loves to be romantic with words, and these questions will help you have quality conversations with your lover that you are likely to save for future. These are cute and flirty questions to get him in the mood. 



21. What are the things that you find attractive about me the most?

This is what a boyfriend would love to answer if you are chatting online. This is such a turn on question for couples.


22. Which photos and texts of me you have saved to check them out when you miss me?

This can make you happy.


23. What are those things that I do to you which makes you happy?

It is always good to know your strengths from your lover.


24. Which dress of mine do you like the most?

It is supposed to be romantic, but it can get naughty as well.


25. What is the nicest thing you did for me, but you never told me?

All the nicest things done without notice must be revealed some time. 


26. Which song would you like to dedicate me?

You have to allow your boyfriend some time to answer this. 


27. When do you plan to go for public display of affection? 

Never mind if he wants to keep it a suspense.


28. What do you like the most – kissing or cuddling?

Find out whether he is romantic or lusty.


29. How would you plan the most romantic date with me?

You are unleashing the imagination and romanticism in your guy. 


30. Where would you like to take me for a trip?

Planning a trip together is one of the most romantic things you can ever do.


Naughty Questions 

These are the favorite questions for couples that your boyfriend would die to answer. This is perfect to test the imagination of your boyfriend and unveil with wild fantasies. Asking these dirty questions face to face could lead to immediate physical intimacy



31. Describe how you would give me a full body massage.

This is the question for your boyfriend to score full marks.


32. What do you think about me when you are alone?

A normal conversation will surely turn into a dirty talk.


33. Which is your favorite place to lick in my body?

This is going to make both of your mind totally dirty!


34. What would you do to me to make moan loud in pleasure?

You are going to open up his dark fantasies. 


35. Which BDSM move you would like to try me on the bed?

Maybe you can actually try it out during your honeymoon.


36. What would you want me to do in an adult video chat?

Be careful what you wish for!


37. What would you do to me if I let you do anything in a park or dark cinema hall?

You are going to drive him totally crazy by asking such sexual questions!


Miscellaneous Questions – 

These are lightweight questions that will keep a casual conversation going and add variety to regular chatting. These questions can be funny, spontaneous, simple, related to personal preference and experience. 



38. What was your first impression when you first met/saw me?

Girls are a good judge of character, and you might already know what your guy thought of you when he first saw you. By asking this question, you are trying to find out whether he is honest or just flattering you. 


39. What are the three regrets that you have in your life so far?

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, and once you know the things you boyfriend regrets, you can try to amend them as a surprise to make him feel happy.


40. What are the things that you are afraid of?

This is a light question to know your guy better, and maybe you can help to get him out of the fearful situations in the future. 


41. What are the things you find unique about me?

If you lover talks about your physical appearance in this question, you will understand that it is more of lust than true love that you have from your guy. 


42. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Be prepared to be surprised!


43. What are the most embarrassing events in your life?

Nobody likes to reveal the embarrassing moments in one's life without asking. This will help your relationship make better as he would have very few thins to hide now. 


44. What has been the funniest moment since we started dating?

This is a good question for recollection of old memory by going down the memory lane. 


45. What are the best memories you have of us?

This is one of the simple questions to ask your partner, but even if the answer is too much related to physical intimacy, there is nothing to be worried about.


46. What are the things that we have in common?

This will help you find the mental compatibility and asking such a question will carry forward a conversation smoothly. 

47. Have you tested for STD or HIV?

You know where this is going.


48. What can I do to cheer you up in case you have a bad day?

Different people have different reactions. Some people wants to stay alone on a bad day while you boyfriend may just want to have your company and make you do special things. It is always better to ask beforehand.


49. Did you get a hard-on when you first kissed me?

That could be embarrassing but one of the funniest questions for your lover. 


50. What would you prefer me to be good in the kitchen or good in bed?

Trying to find out whether he is a foodie or a sex-addict.


Go ahead and mix these questions up and always have a conversation with your boyfriend that leaves him asking for more. You will never sound boring, and the interest in a relationship will stay Intact.




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