5 Types Of Males Exist That Women Should Know About!

You might have heard of the term alpha male and that women get attracted to alpha males. But they are not the only thing you should be knowing and finding of. There 4 other different types of males available who can attract women equally. Not all alpha males are the types all women look about. There are beta, omega, gamma, and delta males available and one of which can be your type. Check out their characteristics below.

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Alpha Males –

They are self-confident and outgoing. They are referred to as real men or bad boys or macho guys. They are aggressive, hot, demanding, and get any woman they want. Their ego is big but personality is charming. Most of the women cheat men for alpha males.

Beta Males –

They are introvert and referred to as the nice guys. They are likable and less aggressive. In fact, they are known for collaborative skills and totally grounded. They are nerdy and light-hearted and women prefer beta males as a life partner especially after having a relationship with alpha males.

Omega Males –

They are eccentric with nerdy habits and lazy moves. They are slightly immature and irresponsible. Therefore, they are not ambitious but are highly intelligent. In fact, they may go through a school and college life without getting a girl in their lives and end up getting an arranged marriage. Due to their lazy nature, their body shape is on the fat side.

Gamma Males –

These are adventurous males and they are fun-loving. These are the kind of people you will meet at bars and dance floors. They are totally restlessly and therefore, they may not be compatible with most. Their relationship is short-lived but they are sensitive to women’s needs. Therefore, women are attracted to them. They can win the hearts of women easily with their friendly and understanding behavior and gestures.

Delta Males –

These are very private males and they generally do not fare well in their lives. They were alpha males and then made a transition to gamma males and then downgraded to delta males. However, they are likely to get very supportive women in their lives who are ready to suffer with them. They are boring and dull and need powerful women to change their lives and lifestyle.

Well, it is generally said that every girl should have a relationship or affair with an alpha male so that she could appreciate the other types of males.

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