Features Of Female Body Most Of The People Do Not Understand!

The female body is extraordinarily unique in comparison to men. But most of the people including females can only tell the visible differences between men and women body. However, there are many deeper differences one should know about whether you are a man or a woman. Well, for the starter, a girl’s brain weighs less than a boy’s when she is more than 6 years body. However, this has no impact on the level of intelligence.

Hugging –

A female’s body is likely to trust a person more when he or she hugs her body for more than 15 seconds. It is due to the production of oxytocin in the body and it can enhance the trust factor.

Fat Percent –

It is natural for a female body to have more fat. It is a fact that a female’s body contains 8-10% more fat and they have fats in their breast region because they never have muscles there to look ripped.

Multitasking –

It is a fact that women can do more multitasking than men and it is due to the fact the there are more parts of the body that are interlinked and the right and left hemispheres are more connected.

Talkative –

There is a general consensus that women talk way more than men every day. It is because the two central parts of the brains are responsible for communication while in men, it is only one. Therefore, they can utter more words which is up to 8000 words per day whereas men can do only half of that.

Longer Life –

It is commonly seen that females live more than men and it is due to the fact that a female’s body is more likely to have a boosted immunity system than men. That is why they can fight diseases better than men and hence, survive more.

Bearing Pain –

We all know that women can bear more pain than men and it is clear when they give birth to babies. It is due to the high level of estrogen that helps to overcome pain faster and reduce the pain in the brain. In fact, it is due to the high level of estrogen in their body that they blind 2 times more than men.

Tasting –

Females have more taste buds in their tongue than men and maybe that is why what is good for men, may not be good for females.

Relationship –

Females are known to form deeper connections with other people than men. It is due to the brain that they develop more closeness which is due to high level of oxytocin.


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