Horrible Everyday Habits That Are Killing Our Spine!

From our childhood, we were told to keep our spine erect. But to remember the teaching all the time is almost impossible. Therefore, only habit can save us by intuitively keeping our spine erect. However, due to the change of lifestyle in the modern era, people develop bad posture and bent spine with chronic pain. The followings are some of the common ways we are destroying our spine slowly.

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Smartphones –

Life without a smartphone is unthinkable. However, it is the common cause of spinal issues these days. It is our habit to never keep the smartphone as high as our eye line. Therefore, we always look down putting pressure on our spinal cord. Soon, we develop a bad posture and there will be neck pain. Therefore, get your posture right while using your smartphone.

Job and Spine Connection –

The scientists have found out that if there is a job you are down that you hate, you are going to develop spinal issues. In fact, too much of mental work every day can lead to spinal problems. There has been a deep correlation. Therefore, you have to keep yourself happy and do some exercise to release stress and strain.

Lack Of Rest –

Whether you are working too hard, watching too much TV, playing games, or studying too long, too much of anything can raise spine issues. In all these activities, you are putting a strain on your spine by sitting idly and backache is going to be a common complaint.

Wrong Shoe –

If you are not wearing a comfortable pair of shoes, you are sure to develop a backache and it starts with straining on your legs. Therefore, it is always better to buy an ergonomic shoe pair and make sure that it fits perfectly to walk smoothly with pleasure.

Standing Work-

Just as sitting on the chair all day long is harmful to our health, similarly, working too long in the standing posture is harmful to our spine. We tend to develop curvatures in your back so most of the time we have to look down. Do some exercise and always keep your spine erect.

Smoking –

We already know that smoking is injurious to health in a number of ways. It can cause cancer but it can also destroy your back. The nicotine present in the cigarettes interrupt the normal blood flow around the spinal cord and soon, backache, chronic pain, and spinal issues will arise.

Apart from that, putting hard cushions in your back while reading books or texting on the smartphone can block the blood circulation and it can be equally harmful.

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