13 Awkward Situations People Wearing Glasses Get Into!

People wearing glasses often come across awkward situations which are beyond problematic. Glasses are a necessary evil for people who have to wear it. Nobody really wants to wear it because there are various situations they face that test their character and tolerance level.

They are given different names and labels which they have to carry throughout their lives and it prevents them from being natural while taking photos. Here are 13 awkward situations for people wearing glasses get into which are no less than curses in their life.



1. Walking in the Rain



When walking in the rain people wearing glasses find it difficult to see as their glass get covered with water droplets. One will have to take out the glass, wipe it and put it on again. And imagine if it’s not wiped out easily?


2. When people ask to take off the glasses



It might be embarrassing when people ask you to take off your glasses. They’ll recognize how different you look. Situations like taking photos to prevent glares, checking your eyes or not being able to wear sunglasses and goggles.


3. When people try your glasses



You will find it absolutely disgusting when people will pull off your glasses and put them on. They will not only come to know about your original looks but will also find out how blind you are.


4. When dust particles touch your glasses



In windy days, when dust particles fly, your glasses can protect your eyes but you will find it disgusting when it sticks in the glasses. Even the frame becomes dirty. 


5. Power nap



When you lie down to rest and your glass gets dislocated, how awkward it could be to locate it like a mad. There are times when it gets broken due to the pressure of the pillows when you keep it on the bed. 


6. When it becomes an obstacle 



The most awkward moment is that when you start kissing your partner and making out and your glasses make your kissing awkward and with your clothes off, you would look like a fool. 


7. When water vapor covers your glasses



Imagine when you are drinking a cup of coffee or hot water, the vapor will cover the glass completely making you take it off and wipe it to get a clear view.


8. Friends asking about your vision



Your friends often ask you how well you see when you take off your glasses. Embarrassing! Isn’t it? The one thing that will pop in your mind “Oh! I am really blind!”.


9. When people ask you if they are real



And then there comes the moment when people ask you if it is really a glass for proper seeing or just for fashion or style. For sure you will feel like hitting them when you come across this question.


10. Wearing your glasses in the bathroom



Putting on a glass in the bathroom might be problematic (although no can see you). You need to take it off and find a suitable place to keep it. 


11. You get teased every now and then



You might come across friends or people who will tease you and often ask you on “how many fingers is this?”. Isn’t that ridiculous? Your blood might be boiling from within although you may not be able to express it. Some people may also call you having four eyes. 


12. Putting makeup on your glasses on



Especially for ladies, they find it really difficult and even awkward to put their make up on with their glasses. This will certainly be the worst scenario for any person even guys.


13. That moment when you’re called a geek



One of the greatest misconceptions is people with glasses is the brainiest. That’s really awkward when people judge the intelligence of a person when they are on glasses. The label of nerd gets tagged with the person and it unnecessarily stresses him or her and they face various social constraints. 


If you are the one with glasses on, do let us know other awkward problems you face in life!



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