7 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good In Reality!

It is a usual thing for us to consider anything that our society calls bad as worse. Only a handful of people will ever question why it is bad and why they should not do it. There are a lot of bad habits that a person can have because human beings are poorly made. But some of these bad habits are actually good for health but nobody really knows about it. Here are those bad habits that science says are good to have.

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Skipping A Shower –

There are a lot of people who do not like to take a shower once in a while. Science says that skipping a shower here and it is actually good for human skin. It helps the skin to retain the natural oil and this oil prevents the growth of bacteria as they mostly grow on dry skin.

Swearing Often –

There are a lot of people who cannot talk to their friends without swearing. Science says that swearing often is a sign of less stress building up in the body and mind. Therefore, the next time you are in pain or stress, keep using the swearing out and pour it all out of your inside.

Fidgeting –

Whether you fidget with your pen or with a fidget spinner, fidgeting is good because you can lose 350 calories a day which will boost your metabolism as well.

Daydreaming –

It is a fact that we lose one-third of our time in daydreaming and imagining things. It is seen as a sign of laziness and inattentiveness. But it has been found that people who daydream more can solve a real-life problem faster. This is because daydreaming sharpens the brain and an active brain can solve a problem faster than the rest.

Chewing Gum –

A lot of people love to chew gum all the time. It is considered to be a bad habit in the society especially when you grow up. But chewing gum actually boosts thinking speed and a person’s brain stays more alert than the rest.

Biting Nail –

This is a universal bad habit but the germs that we are taking in are actually boosting our immune system. If you have that habit, you should not change it unless you want to look clean all the time.

Late Riser –

The people who rise up earlier like 5 AM, they have a high risk of getting high blood pressure in the long run than the ones who get up late. Apart from these, burping and farting are good to reduce bloating build up.


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