List of Things Your Pee Color Is Telling You About Your Health

Even though human beings are conscious of their outer self and do whatever it takes to keep it perfect and beautiful, unfortunately, we have no idea about what is going on inside. But the human body is designed in such a way that it always gives out the signals of its interior health only if you pay close attention.

It is amazing how something as insignificant as our pee color tells so much about our health on regular basis. All you have to know is what those different colors really signify.



1. Transparent Color



Your pee color will be transparent only if you are drinking water all the time. Drinking too much water can dilute the salts and create a chemical imbalance in your body. Drink as much water as recommended by the physician depending on the body needs. 


2. Foamy Pee



Foamy pee can be due to two reasons. Either you are peeing too fast forcefully or protein is getting out of your body. It is usual to have foamy urine once or twice a day but if it is happening time after time, you could have some kidney issues. 


3. Yellow Shades 



The natural urine color is light and pale yellow. So, if your urine color is the same, it means you are having a good amount of water as required by the body. But if it turns dark yellow and continues to be so for many times, you could have some liver issues. You should wait a day or two and then see a physician if it does not improve. 


4. Brownish Shades 



The brownish shade is considered to be a sign of deep hydration. You should start drinking a lot of water for the color to restore to the natural one in a couple of days. If you see blood with brownish urine, it could be that you have a tumor. 


5. Greenish or Bluish Shades 


These are two exceptional and rarely occurring colors in urine. It could be due to dyed food or asparagus you have taken. If not, it means you could have a urinary tract infection and it could also cause the kidney stone. You need to see a doctor immediately. 


6. Pinkish Shades



There are certain foods that are responsible for pinkish urine like beetroot and blackberries. If you get cleared in a day. Otherwise, you have some urinary tract infection or kidney issue. For women, if they see blood with it, it should not be discarded as a period fluke and they need to see a physician immediately. 


7. Orange Pee



Orange shades of your urine color mean that it is highly concentrated and you should drink a lot of water. It can also cause due to overconsumption of carrots or drugs. If your eyes are showing yellowish tint, it means you have liver issues. It could also mean that your body temperature has gone up above normal due to stress or excessive works. You need to sit out a day and drink water and it is sure to get back to normal or you have to see a doctor. 

If you have any other information to add to it, do comment down. It is better to check the color of your pee in a transparent container because our eye can be misleading if you see directly.



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