11 Signs That Your Liver Is Suffering And Need A Detox!

After your heart, the liver is the busiest organ in our body. In today's lifestyle, we eat a lot of oily and spicy foods and they impact the liver adversely. The liver has the responsibility of the purifying the blood and it cleans off the toxins, harmful hormones and microbes, and various such pollutants.

In short, it is the detoxification center of the body but adverse impacts from our lifestyle and diet plan degrade its functions and pollute it. Hence, it shows signs that it itself needs some external detoxification to kick out toxins from your body. Here are those 11 signs you need to watch out for. 



1. Skin Color Change



One of the earliest signs of degrading liver is the sudden change in skin color like turning in a yellowish shade. Your skin may turn sensitive and it can cause itchiness and rashes and it can become completely dry all of a sudden. 


2. Bloating


Pain in the abdominal region can be for various reasons but if you feel it very often with excess gas or bloating, it is most probably due to liver issues. Due to the liver problem, a fluid named ascites starts building up can cause the discomfort. 


3. Urine and Stool Color



The color of urine may turn into dark and the stool may become tar and pale if the liver is impacted with oily and spicy food for a long time. 


4. Tiredness



Tiredness and feeling sleepy all the time in a day is one of the biggest signs of your liver getting covered with too much toxins. You need to change your diet plan to detox it. 


5. Mood Swings 



When the blood gets rich in toxin due to liver malfunctioning, your bran gets affected and eventually, you will start developing a short-term memory, sudden mood swing like angry or depressed for no reason. 


6. Weight Gain 



When the liver starts malfunctioning, the body slows down metabolizing the fat content in the body. Naturally, the body weight starts spiking up and you start growing fat around abdomen region. 


7. Fever and Dark Circles



Your body may start having some temperature throughout the day which may not be high but consistent. You can also get dark circles under your eyes and start growing allergies. 


8. Digestive Problems


You can experience constipation, Diarrhoea, and even heartburn when you take spicy and oily foods that are hard to digest. 


9. Lack Of Appetite



You may suddenly feel lack of appetite and your eyes may turn yellowish and in some cases, there could be jaundice. 


10. Water Retention



You may experience water retention issue in your joints and legs which is technically called Oedema due to excessive toxins barring the normal functioning of the liver.


11. High Cholesterol



The body cannot regulate fat level when the liver starts to malfunction and hence, the cholesterol level s goes up as we else oily food. It can cause blockage and heart attack. 


If you see any of these signs, you need to change your lifestyle and transform your harmful diet plan and start taking foods that can clean up your liver. 




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