11 Side Effects Of Going To Gym You Need To Endure!

There is a reason why overweight people always like to avoid gym to lose weight. Apart from the fact that exercising in the gym is going to be painful in the first few days to weeks, there are various side effects that one may experience depending on the exercises and physical strength.

Even when you are under the supervision of gym instructor, things can go bad at times. Starting from muscle twitching to nausea, here are some common side effects of going to the gym that you need to watch out for. 



1. Dark Urine



Working out in the gym means you are going to sweat out profusely and naturally, you will suffer from dehydration. This will turn your urine dark and it could also be from the destruction of muscle cells. Therefore, carry a water bottle to your gym and drink it when your body requires it. 


2. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness



Muscle soreness is quite common in the first few days of going to the gym. But DOMS takes place nearly a day or two after an intense workout session. It causes pain in the entire body and can cause tremors. It is also caused by micro-injuries. All you need to do is let it pass naturally and get used to it. 


3. Short-term Stomachache



This generally happens to the amateurs who start workouts without warming out the body first. This is because the blood intensifies suddenly and it rushes to the muscles from the internal organs and hence, liver and spleen are overflowed with the stream of the blood and press it to cause the pain. You need to take a break and take deep breathes till it eases out. 


4. Muscle Twitching



It is caused by extreme exhaustion, muscle dehydration, and electrolyte disbalance. You need to drink water to keep the muscles hydrated and not just plain water, you need to have drinks containing microelements.


5. Dizziness



There is always a sudden rush of blood throughout the body and the demand stays the same which is why the dizziness is caused. You need to warm up and keep yourself hydrated with microelements. 


6. Nausea



The sudden unpleasant sensations in the stomach are the reason for nausea. It is due to the blood flowing out of the stomach to the internal organs and muscle tissues. 

7. False Impulses 



While working out, you may feel like going to defecation which is due to vibrations of your legs resonating gastrointestinal tract. This false impulse is called runner's diarrhoea and to avoid it, you need to eat a few hours before a workout. 


8. Itchiness



Due to workouts, your heat starts to pump out more blood and leads to broadening of vessels and capillaries. Due to the activation of the nerve endings, it causes itching. It will go away once you get used to gyming. 

9. Nasal Stuffiness



Any physical activity leads to expansion and contraction of the blood vessels in the sinuses. It is important to exercise away from roads so that pollution does not affect you and leading to stuffiness. 


10. Toes Swelling



Muscle soreness is common but toes swelling is not. It is caused by the heat emitted from muscles if you put on tight shoes. It is also due to nerve inflammation. You need to wear good sports she from running for a long time on the treadmill or performing leg exercises. 


11. Bruises



This happens rarely and itis caused when you do intense workouts for days. Your blood vessels become weak and due to improper diet and previous injuries, the bruises may start to appear. You need to see a doctor when this happens to you. 


If you are aware of such side effects, do mention them in the comment. But there is no alternative to gyming when it comes to fitness and burning your fat. 



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