Top 13 Attractions Of Ramoji Film City – World’s Largest Film Studio

Ramoji Film City, located in Hyderabad in India, holds the record of being the largest film city in the world. It extends over 1666 acres of land and most of the Bollywood and regional movies are shot here as it has replicas of all the foreign and Indian destinations.

Besides, places and sets to shoot movies, it is the largest theme park in India as there are several rides and activity spots for visitors to entertain and engage themselves throughout the day. 



1. Filmy Duniya


It is a complete studio where there are many sets of famous movies and replica cities of the International destinations. It is the main attraction of Ramoji Film City and you can understand how movies are made here and you always think that they were shot outside the country. 


2. Sahas – Adventure Land



Sahas(Bravery) is the largest adventure land in Asia that is located in Ramoji Film City. There are endless adventurous activities to perform and challenge yourself and inner fear. Starting from various wild rides, shooting to bungee jumping and high rope courses, you are destined to have a thrilling experience. 

3. Eureka



Eureka is the place where you get to see the artifacts of the different cultures that prevailed in India as well as foreign countries. You will be completely bewilderment to see the delicate designs of our historical time. 

4. Movie Magic Park 


This is something absolutely unique whereby you can experience the magical moments through simulation like earthquake tremors, free fall, acoustic effects and much more. You can never experience anything like this in your life again in any other place. 

5. Fake Buildings



You have to take three bus tours to visit different places and you will be guided to watch out for buildings such as hospitals, jail, restaurants, haunted house and likewise that are constructed for movies. There are completely fake but you will not know unless you enter the place. 


6. Borasura


This is a horror house whereby you have to talk a walk through an evil magician's workshop and the scary objects and sound effects will send chills down your spine. It is a maze of 7200 square feet and it is surely going to raise your heartbeat. 

7. Kripalu Caves


If you want some moment of peace in your life, this is the place you want to be. It will take away all the stress and thoughts and offer you the silence of your inner soul. There is also a large shrine of Buddha and there is a magnificent collection of art and artifacts. 


8. Kids Park


There is a separate area for kids to enjoy themselves like they do in an amusement park. There are various fun activities and rides to do and most importantly, there are separate sections based on international themes like Disney Land that make it all the more attractive. 


9. Live Shows



Every day, Ramoji Film City's auditorium showcases different shows starting from Theatre to Stunt Shows and they are performed by skilled artists to entertain the crowd for free. It is called the Spirit Of Ramoji after all it is a film studio for acting.

10. Eco Zone 



This is a complete botanical garden for all those people who are surrounded by a concrete building. This place will make you realize that life is incomplete without the Mother Nature. You can breath fresh air as they stroll through this perfectly maintained garden which is rich in exotic flower plants and green trees that are famous in India. 


11. Bird Park


You get to see the exotic birds that are very rare and their natural color combinations will simply blow your mind. You might have gone to various bird sanctuaries in the past in India but none of them have such a vibrant collection. 

12. Butterfly Park


You go to zoos and bird sanctuaries, but seldom will you get to visit a butterfly park. The best part is that they are not exactly kept inside separate rooms but let out in the open with a boundary. More than the bird park, butterfly park is going to blow your mind because the vibrant colors are something you could never imagine in your wildest dreams. 

13. Shopping Paradise


You cannot leave Ramoji Film City without shopping because there are so many beautiful things to buy that can enhance the beauty of your home and yourself. Most importantly, you get to see different items from different countries in Meena Bazaar, Movie Magic Memorabilia, and Wild West Souvenirs.


These are just some of the many attractive spots in Ramoji Film City. One day is not enough to visit all the places completely, but these are must-see ones. 



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