10 Most Haunted Places In Hyderabad You Should Take A Note!


Hyderabad is one of the buy cities in India. It is also one of the beautiful and rather organized cities. It is ideal for wedding and working. Among this crowded environment, it is quite strange to observe the ghosts thrive notoriously. Here are the most haunted places in Hyderabad you should not go even by mistake.



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1. Golconda Fort




The king and the queen's spirits are still present inside the fort. The queen dances at night and one can hear noises and howls at night. Some of the tourists also noticed images hanging upside down which should not have been the case. Hence, the place has been classified as one of the haunted places in Hyderabad tourists should stay away at night.




2. Shamshabad Airport




Some people were killed during the construction of the airport and their evil spirits show up in the washroom of the airport. Pilots can see a lady dancing in the runway.




3. Ramoji Film City




It was built in a war zone and the spirits of the soldiers roam about. They attack specifically the women and the mirrors show Urdu words.




4. Ravindranagar




The entire colony is haunted and they even made the national news. Doors of every house have religion slogans. It became haunted after a temple was destroyed for construction. 




5. Graveyard On Banjara Hills




Banjara Hills is very popular in Hyderabad. Road 12 of this hills is too scary. The streetlights switches turn on and off all by themselves. The temperature of the place is remarkably low and cars get punched very often.




6. Uppal Stadium




Almost of the workers in the stadium have confirmed seeing a dark apparition in the corridor of the stadium. The corridors have been completely shut down for good.




7. Kundanbagh Witches




Once a thief broke into the house in Kundanbagh and found three dead bodies. Policemen confirmed the bodies were 6 month old but local people saw them daily for the last six months. They used to practice black magic.




8. Dedh Lakh Ghar




The house is so named because it took 1.5 lakh to build. Whoever tried to stay in the house died or left within days. It is completely haunted and local people can hear noises of a woman any time of the day. 




9. Khairatabad Science College




It was one of the famous science colleges in Hyderabad and now, it is completely shut down. The dead bodies in the test labs turned into evil spirits and even the security guard died under the mysterious situation. 




10. Erramanzil Headless Ghost




A house in Erramanzil is haunted by a headless spirit. He was killed during his wedding by the debt collectors. He came back in the afterlife and guarding his houses.


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