10 Facts about Real Madrid CF – The Biggest & Baddest Football Club there is!


Real Madrid Club de Fútbol or the Royal Madrid Football Club, is one of the founding clubs of the Primera División, commonly referred to as La Liga of the Spanish football league system. It is one amongst the only 3 clubs to have not been relegated from the top division along with Barcelona FC & Athletic Bilbao. It is the richest football club and rakes in huge revenues every year! Let's get to know more facts about real Madrid from Spain!



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1. Real means Royal



Real actually means royal in Spanish. The club was granted royalty status in the year 1920 by King Alfonso the thirteenth of Spain. And so it was renamed as Real Madrid Club de Fútbol.




2. The only club with 5 successive La Liga wins



Real has the distinction of being the only club to have won the La Liga 5 times in succession, and twice! Once between the years, 1961 and 1965 and again, from 1986  through 1990.




3. Real has never made the treble!



Although Real have won a multitude of titles and also the doubles of La Liga and Copa Del Rey & La Liga and the European Cup, 6 times, they haven't been able to achieve the treble of La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and the European Cup! We hope this is one fact about Real Madrid that is going to be amended soon!




4. The century's most successful!



FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) which is the governing body of all things football, on Dec 11, 2000, declared that That Real Madrid CF was the best football club of the 20th century!




5. Their first ever La Liga win as unbeaten champions!



Real Madrid won their first La Liga in the year 1932, and they WON it, by being unbeaten throughout the tournament! Out of the 18 games, they won 10 & drew 8! Now that's a fact about Real Madrid that every fan wouldbe proud of!




6. The Galacticos policy



When Florentino Pérez was the president of Real Madrid football club, he pursued the galácticos policy, where he would purchase at least one galáctico (supergiants) each summer. Some of the galácticos are: 

  • Luís Figo
  • Zinedine Zidane
  • Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima
  • David Beckham
  • Walter Samuel




7. Biggest fan base!



Real Madrid football club is proven to be the most popular club with the biggest fan base of about 228 million supporters and counting, according to Harvard statistics.




8. The fierce rivalry but Real have the last laugh!



One of the biggest rivalries in club football is that between Real Madrid and Barcelona. A truly amazing comeback was made by Real in 1943 when the lost the game to Barcelona 3-0, but in the next match came back and thrashed them 11-1!




9. Almost the richest and the most valuable!



With $3.7 billion in their kitty, Real Madrid is just behind American football team Dallas Cowboys, who are at the summit with a valuation of $4 billion, in 'the most valuable sports club' race.




10. Real & its legends!



Legendary footballer, David Beckham won the Supercopa in his first year and the La Liga in his last year with Real Madrid, while today's legend, Christiano Ronaldo became the fastest to get to 100 goals (92 games) in the history of the Spanish League.


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