10 Most Haunted Places In Goa That Will Freeze Your Blood


Goa is that city which gets the highest foreign tourists every year. The beaches in Goa are paradise, and it is considered to be the ideal place for destination marriage. In spite of so many joyful places, there are some spooky haunted places in Goa that you should know very well not to stumble upon them. 



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1. Borim Bridge




Many people have seen a lady jumping from the bridge, and it occurs regularly. But the twist is that when they go to check her out, they understand that nothing like that happened because the water underneath is unmoved.




2. The Three Kings Church




Three power-hungry kings used to live in the palace just beside the Church. One committed suicide and the other two was murdered. Since then, this church has become haunted with notable paranormal activities. Indian Paranormal Society labeled the place as one of the most haunted places in Goa.




3. Baytakhol




Drivers often complain of seeing a lady appear in the middle of the road shriek like Hell. Even when they go through her, nothing happens. It caused a lot of accidents.




4. D'Mello House




It is located in Santemoland locals claim that they can hear loud noises coming from the house at night even though nobody stays in it. 




5. NH 17




It is said that this road is an abode of witches who seek flesh to quench their thirsts for blood. All vehicles are prohibited from carrying meats after dark. 




6. Saligao Village




A lady ghost roams around the Banyan tree in this place, and anyone who goes by the tree can get possessed by the evil spirit. Lots of rituals were performed but in vain. 




7. Jakni Bandh




Once a school bus met with an accident over this temporary bridge and all the children died. Even since then, people can hear sounds of children scream and crying around this place.




8. Igorchem Bandh




Some evil spirits stay around this place and if you go through this place from 2 to 3 PM, you are likely to get possessed by them.




9. The Rodrigues Home




Even though the house is completely abandoned, local people can see windows and doors opening and closing, sound of cooking in the kitchen and lights turning on and off. It is truly scary.




10. Seminary Arch




A soldier spirit stays in this place and it does not allow any unworthy person to enter through it. It can be seen at midnight walking to and fro.


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