14 Dangerous Paths Students Cross Every Day To Reach School!

Going to school can be really fun but not for everyone. In many parts of the world, students have to come across several obstacles before they reach school. These are the areas, which are remotely located and are extremely difficult and dangerous to walk.

People will not walk on these roads even if they are offered money to do so. But these students are willing to put their lives on the line to get educated and become something in life so that their next generation do not face the same problems. Here are 14 dangerous paths students cross daily to reach their schools. 



1. Zhang Jiawan Village in China:



Located in a rural area of China, children have to climb wooden ladders to get in school. These are unsecured ladders and can be a terrifying climb. Getting to the school is the only way in Zhang Jiawan village.


2. Green School in Bali:



The Green School in Bali is located in the jungle in the bamboo preserve. Although it is located in the middle of the jungle, it gives an opportunity for children to learn something new.


3. The Rio Negro River in Colombia:



One has to get on height and cross the Rio Negro River in Colombia to get in a school. Students have to fly 400 meters above the river on a steel cable en route their school. Definitely not recommended for people who have acrophobia.


4. Padang in Indonesia:



Children will have to walk a tightrope which is located above the swollen river in Padang. It is essential to maintain a good balance as the height of walking on the rope is 30 ft. Above the ground.


5. Dujiangyan in China:



In China’s Dujiangyan, children who tend to attend school will have to cross a slippery bridge made from bamboo stacks. It can be absolutely difficult to walk in rough weather conditions.


6. Gallery Fort in Sri Lanka:



The Gallery Fort was built in the 16th century in Sri Lanka. Children have to cross a narrow plank to get in their school. It is a dangerous task as a simple distraction can be very fatal.


7. Cilangkap Village in Indonesia:



Another dangerous path to get into the school is in Indonesia’s Cilangkap Village. Here, children have to cross the Ciherang river on bamboo shafts. It is necessary to have waterproof shows as the plank gets covered with water.


8. The Root Bridge in India:



In India’s northeast, there is a root bridge which has become a popular tourist destination. However, for the students living in the village, they have to cross the bridge daily to get to their school. It may be not that tough to walk but for the rainy reason, it can be messy.


9. Rizal Province in the Philippines:



For people living in this village, children have to go to school by crossing the river on inflated tyres. It is very dangerous but hats-off for the brave children.


10. Zanskar in India:



Located in the Himalayas, children have to go for hiking before they make to their classrooms. Thankfully, it is a boarding school, and they do not have to do it on a daily basis.


11. Pili in China:



This is the most dangerous of all the paths, as children will have to walk a 125-mile journey through the mountains. The journey is extremely dangerous as one has to walk through the steep valley.


12. Gulu in China:



 It takes 5 hours to reach the school in China’s remote valley of Gulu. It is one of the most remote schools located in the world. Often, the width of the road is just 1 feet wide.


13. Riau in Indonesia:



For pupils who want to make their school will have to go on a canoeing first. They will have to cross the river in the middle of the jungle en route their journey to school.


14. Gondola Bridge in Nepal:



The Nepalese children have to risk their lives daily by using a cable to cross the river for going to school. In the Dihang Village of Nepal, pupils have to cross the Trishuli River on a cable.


There are few who do not under the value of education and here, students are willing to risk their lives to become educated. 



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