6 Weird Things You Should be Aware of Twins!

Twins can be fascinating as they are rare and adorable. If you have a twin brother or sister, or you have a friend who has a twin brother or sister or you are dating one of them, it is important for you to know more about twins that you have never heard of. Do you know that twins can read each other’s mind and it is not by coincidence but by design. There are many such weird things for twins that the world does not know.

Twin Talk –

Twins can develop their own language for communication which is referred to as twin talk. This language is unique and common people will not be able to make sense of it. However, this language starts to disappear as they grow old.

Mind Readers –

Twins can read each other’s mind efficiently. This means they know when the other one is happy or sad. As a matter of fact, they are likely to react to the same situation in the same way.

Fingerprints –

There is a belief that twins have same fingerprints but it is not true. There are cases where they show very close resemblence but on a micro level, there are always different. They have same DNA but not fingerprints. Fingerprints are determined by DNA, nutrition, growth rate and other factors which cannot be exactly the same for twins and hence, the fingerprint lines differ.

Twins Can Be Conceived –

Most of the people think that twins are born just like that and they have no control on it. However, there are certain twin-inducing diets available for women through which they can increase the chances of conceiving twins. In fact, women who consume dairy products more often and regularly, they are likely to conceive twins.


Identical Twins Are Not Identical –

As the twins start to age, you start to look less alike which is not by design but due to different diet and chemical exposures. As a matter of fact, they start to grow different personalities and different health issues.


Different Fathers –

Well, it is quite surprising to learn that twins can have different fathers which is very rare but possible. This happens when a woman releases two eggs in a month than one. If both the eggs are fertilized by sperms of two different persons, twins will be born with different dads.


Apart from these, it is found that the life spans of twins and their mothers are higher than others.

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