13 Amazing Things That Can Only Happen In The Extreme Cold Winter

Winter is considered to be the most interesting season of them all. It has the power to make ordinary things look extraordinary especially when there are snow and mist to lit up the landscapes. Winter brings the Christmas, New Year and the perfect time to party and warms up your body.

Watching sunshine during the winter season is a delight. From apart from all these, there are certain outstanding phenomena that can only take place in the extremely cold winter that you need to check out.



1. Icy Flowers



In extremely cold condition, when the mist comes in contact with the flowers and leaves, they tend to settle and with time, they get frozen. This gives rise to what is called icy flowers. 

2. Ice Wall



Waterfalls around the are always a splendid sight to watch be it summer or extreme winter. The water gets frozen and forms sharp-pointed solid ice walls that are a treat for the eyes. 

3. Frosty Beard



If you have the habit of growing long beard and you happen to stay in those areas of extreme cold and snowfall, you are likely to have a unique type of beard everytime you go out of your house. 


4. Frozen Bubbles


There are certain lakes in the world where you can see the bubbles that from up from the bottom of the lake are completely frozen. It is unlike anything you have ever witness in your life. Alberta Lake in Canada is one such lake. 


5. Icy Silhouette



A silhouette is actually an outline of something. The most common example of icy silhouettes is that of a car. A car is kept for a few days in a fixed place and due to frost and snowfall, an outline is cast and when the car is moved, you can see the surprising formation. 


6. The Standstill Waves



You cannot even find a logic how a wave got frozen suddenly in a moving sea water but you can only appreciate its exquisite beauty. 


7. Halo



A circle of light that is formed around the sun, moon and even big stars is called Halo. It is formed due to the refraction of the icy crystal formed in the atmosphere. 

8. Frozen Soap Bubble 



Frozen soap bubbles are the favorite objects of the photographers around the world during the winter. The paperweights are actually inspired by the frozen soap bubbles formed by it. 


9. Hot Water Formation



Hot water forms amazing formations that are worth watching. But only creative people can create such stunning patterns to watch like magic. 


10. The Spiral Fence



The amazing spiral formations of the electric fence are worth watching. It can take you to an imaginary world as if you are travelling through the tunnel of time and space. 


11. Iced Berries



You might have come across different kinds of berries but it is a delight to watch and eat iced berries hanging from the trees like crystal with vibrant colours. 


12. Fully Covered Houses



It is really annoying for the house owner but when he sees his house and car completely covered with snow, even he cannot help but appreciate the natural beauty. 


13. Frozen Boat



There is something about watching the frozen boats and piers at the shore. It makes a lot of people nostalgic and helps them revive their old memories. Furthermore, it provides a perfect platform for a photoshoot.


Which one of these have you observed till date? Is there anything else that we missed out? Do mention them in comments. 



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