15 Weird Things Found Inside Human Body That Shocked The Doctors

There are various strange things founded inside the human body which are rather usual and doctors are used to seeing them when they operate to cure diseases. But there are certain human bodies inside whom the doctors found some of the most bizarre things that even doctors could not imagine in their wildest dreams.

Some of these large and destructive things went inside the body by mistakes and unknowingly while others were put voluntarily. Check out the following list of weird things that human bodies had to live with found in some exceptional people. 



1. A Man Inside Another Man



Sanju Bhagat had an abnormally large stomach and he looked like pregnant. One day, he visited a doctor due to extreme pain and the doctor thought he had a tumor. During operation, the doctors discovered that he had his twin inside him and its dead body was living like a parasite. 


2. Coke Bottle



A Chinese person went to the doctors due to extreme stomach pain. When X-ray was done, it was found that the person had a coke bottle in his anus and the person later confessed that he put the coke bottle there for pleasure. 


3. Living Fish



A boy complained about extreme lung pain after taking a bath in river water. Upon examination, it was found that he swallowed a nine-centimeter fish and the fish was alive in his lungs. 


4. Sea Snail



A kid once fell at a beach and got bruises on his knee. After a month, the knee started getting infected and the antibiotics were not working. His mother pinched the wound and a small black rock came out which was actually a small sea snail. 


5. A Waist Belt



A person complained of chest pain and doctors first thought it was tuberculosis. Upon close examination, it was found that the person had a belt inside his chest cavity. It entered there when he suffered a car accident. 



6. Plants In Lung



There are many cases where the doctors found various plants inside lungs such as pea plant, fir plant all of which happened by inhaling the respective seeds and they reached the lung accidentally. 


7. Dandelion



Dandelion is a beautiful flower and many girls like to put it on their ears. But it was once found to have grown from inside the ear of a kid and it completely filled the canal wall. 


8. Worm In Eye



A person named John Matthew was slowly turning blind and the doctors found that a worm was actually eating away his retina. After a long hour of hide and seek, they managed to kill the worm by laser treatment. 


9. Venomous Spider



Dylan Maxwell has an appendix scar when he went to Bali for vacation. From that opening, a spider entered his body and traveled up to his chest. After three days, the doctors removed it successfully before it could do some damage. 


10. Maggots Just Below The Scalp



Maggots are generally associated with dead bodies and wounds. But a person named Aaron Dallas felt bumped on his head and they were moving. When he went to the doctors, they found that the bumps were five different maggots. 


11. Eel In Anus



For fun and pleasure, a person's friend inserted half of a living Eel into the backside of the person. But in the process, the Eel slipped and went inside completely. It had to be operated out. 


12. Little Fish From Sea



This is going to make you scary as a little fish found its way to the urethra of a boy when he went for a bath in the sea water. The boy went through psychological trauma for a long period of time.


13. A Ball Of Hair



A girl went to the doctors when she used to become sick every time she ate something. The doctors found a ball of hair inside her stomach and she confessed that she was obsessed with eating hair. 


14. Magnets



Would you believe that the doctors operated out 10 centimeters of a magnet from the intestine of an 8-year boy? Is that how you create a magnetic personality?


15. A Big Gun



You might have heard of various operating instrument found inside human body which the doctors left accidentally. But there was a curious case of a gun found inside the stomach of a person who wanted to hide it from police inspection. 


If you have heard of such incidents, do share them in the comment section. Human beings never seize to amaze the world. 



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