8 Bizarre Things That A Dead Body Can Do After A Person Dies!!


People generally have an idea that once a person is dead, his body becomes incapable of doing anything. This is a wrong assumption that has led to many misconceptions and superstitions. Today, we are going to tell you the facts about a dead body and what it can do which would make it seem like the dead body is alive. 




1. Moaning




Yes, a dead body is fully capable of moaning. There are reports of such incidents and it is likely to scare the shit out of the persons standing near the dead body. Actually, the sound originates from the vocal chord due to stiffening.




2. Color Change




The color change in a dead body is a normal thing when kept for longer. It turns purple towards the lower part of the body as blood supply stops and the rest of the skin turns pale.




3. Organ Movement




There are some reports that say that a dead body has been observed to move its organs at times. It is perfectly possible not due to some supernatural reason but due to the twitching of the muscles due to breaking down of protein.




4 Stiffness




A dead body begins to become stiff a few hours after the actual death. The stiffening starts from eyes and neck region and at that moment, looking at the eyes of a dead body can haunt you for a few days.




5. Peeing




As you all know that the release or stoppage of urine is done by a sphincter which is controlled by the brain. Once the brain stops working, any reserved urine is going to get released.




6. Erection




This could be embarrassing and funny but there have been many dead bodies who got an erection after the person died. It depends on the position of the dead body and circulation of blood in those regions.




7. Melting




Melting of certain body parts in very normal and this is due to decomposition of protein. The decomposition can be noticed in the eyeballs and eventually it leads to liquefication.




8. Detachment




The detachment of the skin from the body is a natural phenomenon, and there is nothing scary in it. It happens because the skin stays alive for very long as it is in connection with the outer world while the decomposition starts within. Another detachment phenomenon is the outpour of the tongue which some call as lengthening of the tongue. 



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