9 Ways Your Pillow Cover Is Killing You Every Night!


People love to buy matching pillow covers with that of the bedsheet and kids love to have colorful pillow covers with amazing designs. Recently, researchers have discovered that pillow cover are not at all good for our skin and in the long term, it is leading to dangerous diseases. Below is the list of harmful effects of pillow covers that will take your night sleep away.



1. Skin Elasticity




This is not hard to imagine that pillow covers are responsible for the loosening up of skin elasticity and it leads to skin wrinkles at a very early age. The reason behind that is the breakdown of collagen.




2. Skin Moisture




This is a common observation that the rubbing of skin with harsh pillow covers can take away the moisture from your skin. Well, it can be a boon for an oil skin guy or girl but a normal or dry skin person, it can be a nightmare.




3. Hair Harmfulness




Pillow covers are also responsible for sucking up the oil content from the hair if not tied to a ponytail. It leads to dandruff and increase in hair fall.




4. Skin Problems




The constant rubbing and scratching of the face with the pillow is the prime reason for pimples and rashes. If you already have them, it can get worse. 




5. Allergic Reactions




When you wash your pillow cover and sleep on it the first day, the hard detergents used are likely to be present on the covers in tiny amount. They are allergic agents and skin rashes will be a common event. 




6. Wet Hair




If you take a bath before going to bed to have a peaceful sleep or if you sleep anytime with wet hair, the friction between hair and pillow covers is responsible for the production of germs and weakening of hair roots.




7. After Getting Up




If you get up from sleep or a short nap and do not wash your face, at times you will find irritation on the skin and your pillow covers are responsible for it. hence, always wash your face and neck after getting up.




8. Hair Breakage




It does not take research to understand that if you make a lot of movement while sleeping, there would be a constant friction between the hair and pillow covers which creates certain tension and pressure. This leads to breakage of hair.




9. Eyelash Problems




At times, you will find that your eyelashes are falling off after you get up from your deep sleep in the morning and your pillow cover is to be blamed for that. 



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