7 Creepy Sounds Ever Recorded That Will Scare Ever Your Inner Soul!!


Human beings are only able to hear those sounds which are within the audible range. But these are so other sounds that are there on Earth which are beyond us to hear and interpret. Scientists have designed devices that can record those, and when they were played, the recorded sounds scared the shit out of the listeners. Here are the 8 of those scary sounds that got recorded, unfortunately.


1. Paranormal EVP


Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is a process in which you can hear the recorded background sound only when you play the recorded audio the second. In other words, you won't be able to hear the background noises when you are listening to the audio the first time. Here are some of the scariest EVP sounds recorded.






2. Unidentified Cosmonaut


A mysterious sound was recorded in the base space station In Russia where a woman cosmonaut was heard making a desperate plea to save her as if her space shuttle caught fire while entering the Earth's surface. But there was no one sent in the outer space at that time who could enter Earth. 






3. Jonestown Death Tape Sound


This is a collective sound of more than 900+ people committing suicide by drinking cyanide. It is infamously known as the Jonestown massacre. Jim Jones is heard preaching people to drink it including the moms who were giving it to their children.






4. Scary 911 Call


911 is the emergency number in the USA and one day an operator received a call from a stranger and what he said scared the operator out of his seat. 






5. WOW Signal


It is one of the controversial sounds ever recorded in human history. The sound was recorded from outer space and scientists think it is a concrete proof of the fact that aliens do exist in the Universe. When scientists decode the sound wave, they found that it means 'WOW.'






6. The Exorcism Of Anneliese


Anneliese was a German girl who was possessed by as many as six demons. Several renowned priests tried to exorcise her but failed miserably. The famous movie 'Exorcism of Emily Rose' is based on her.






7. The Hum


The Hum is a very strange phenomenon where only 2% of the entire human population claim to hear a very annoying low-frequency sound. Scientists were able to record the sound for analysis but yet to understand its origin and why only 2% of the total population can hear it. 





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