Holyshit!! Taylor Swift’s Boyfriends List Is Breaking World Records!


It is mockingly said that Taylor Swift makes boyfriend and breaks up with them so that she could get the inspiration and drive within herself to compose her next best song. Well, her songs also point to this funny fact and she also said that some of her songs are dedicated to her ex-boyfriends. She is definitely one of the most talked about and beautiful girls in the world and she has utilized her fame to get a never-ending list of boyfriends in her life. Let's check out the list of Taylor swift's boyfriends.


1. Joe Janas




Joe Janas was her his boyfriend officially because both of them confessed to being in a relationship which lasted only five months. Her 'Forever and Always' song is dedicated to him.




2. Lucas Till




Shortly after breaking up with Joe, Taylor Swift found her new love in Lucas but unfortunately, they broke up in only 2 months.




3. Taylor Lautner




Taylor- Taylor pair became a talk of every town when Taylor Swift started her third official relationship with Taylor Lautner. It only took three months for them to break apart. The superhit song 'Back To December' was for him which showed that she cheated him.




4. John Mayer




Then she began dating famous singer John Mayer and their wide age gap got them a lot of negative publicity for three months. She wrote the song 'Dear John' which humiliated Mayer publicly. 




5. Cory Monteith




Cory lasted for two months with Taylor. She came out in open to say that her song "Mine" is meant for him. He also got to feature in Taylor Swift's videos for a couple of her popular songs.




6. Toby Hemingway




When Taylor broke up with Toby in one month's time, Taylor Swift's songs became a popular joke as people started to that she charms boys and get them in her life and then breaks up whenever she wants to write a new song.




7. Jake Gyllenhaal




Jake Gyllenhaal is a big superstar in Hollywood and he was nearly double her age when they started dating and had fun in their four months of relationship. She broke up because Jake had little time for her.




8. Adam Young




Then came Adam Young of the famous band 'Owl City' in her life for a few months. 'Enchanted' song was for him. The song says that he left her on a good note with mutual understanding.




9. Chord Overstreet




Well, no surprise for guessing that her relationship with him was a very short term affair thanks to the fact that there was ego problem as Taylor Swift was far more popular than him.




10. Eddie Redmayne




Though the couple denied that fact that they were dating, the rumor has it that Eddie dumped her because our their mismatch in personality. 




11. Zac Efron




Zac Efron was in its infancy of his popularity and Taylor's association with him actually gave him the biggest push in his career. He is considered to be the best-looking boyfriend she had.




12. Conor Kenndy




When she moved on to Conor Kenndy, she had to face a lot of heat as Conor was a college student and younger to her. "Begin Again" song was for him after they broke up.




13. Harry Styles




Harry Styles lasted for merely two months and she wrote the song "I Knew You Were Trouble" to make her free out of the grief. 




14. Calvin Harris




It is the longest relationship of them all with Calvin Harris. Then fell apart due to ego problem after 1.2 years of happy relationship.




15. Tom Hiddleston 




Her last official boyfriend was actor Tom Hiddleston. The age difference is quite a lot but they were spotted in several travel destinations together. Rumors have it that they broke up a few months ago and maybe Taylor Swift is looking out for her next boyfriend. 



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