15 Shockers About Donald Trump…7th Fact will Blow Your Sense Away

The U.S.A  election results showcased US Republican Donald Trump win against Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race and this victory makes him the 45th President of the United States. Hate him or love him Donald Trump has certain magnitude of character that has made him win the heart of American voters. However, Trump always has been a flamboyant character throughout his life. So here are 15 shocking facts about him that you never knew.


Check out these 15 shockers about Donald Trump


1. Military School


At the age of 13 he went to New York Military Academy where he excelled both academically & socially. He was a great athlete as well as the leaders of the students.






2. Joined his Father's Business


Entered his father’s real-estate business as a youngster and today he is multi-Millionaire as a New York developer.





3. Dislikes Shaking Hands with others


He dislikes shaking hands as he is a germophobe.





4. He is a teetotaller


He is a teetotaller who has never smoked a cigarette or taken any kind of drugs in his life. Although, he did try to release his own “Trump Vodka” line. However, it didn't worked out that well.






5. Owns wonderful House at Queens


He owns an impressive 23-room colonial house in leafy Jamaica Estates, Queens.





6. A 65 Storeyed Building with His name Engraved on it


The 932-feet tall, 65-story Trump Ocean Club in central America was inaugurated in Panama City, 2011 with Trumps name on the building.





7. Racist


He is known to be a racist as he proposed restrictions on Muslim immigration to the USA. He also hates Mexicans as he thinks Mexican immigrants as criminals, drug dealers and rapists.





8. Three Marraiges


He had married thrice and he is as dramatic as his mother.





9. Successful TV show Apprentice


He was the producer of the successful show called “The Apprentice”.





10. Fame of Hallmark


He has his walk of fame Hallmark like other great celebrities.






11. Owns Beauty Pagents


Trump has owned part or all the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants since the year 1996.





12. Helmet Hair


He uses a hair care called Helmet hair and at several time he had been questioned about his own hair.





13. Lured Obama


Trump had offered Obama free golf for life at his courses, if only he resigns from the post of Presidency.





14. Crusade against Barack Obama


Trump was an active member of the “birther” crusade that cross-examined President Obama’s birthplace.





15. Tell-it-all Strategy


He has a strategy of tell-it-like-it-is, which has made him win the elections.




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