25 Funny Job Titles You Would Wish You Never Get!

In today's world, new startups are hitting the market every day. While most of them a professional decorum, some like to keep it casual and creative. Job titles are something that an employee is supposed to say with pride. But due to this creative approach by some startups or just by factual coincidence, there are several funny job titles that no one likes to get designated with.

They are really weird to say in public because behind your back everyone would laugh out loud at you. Here is a compilation of the funniest and weirdest job titles we wish you never get.



25 Funny Job Titles To Laugh Out Love



1. Bride Kidnapping Expert

Not sure whether that is a legal thing to do in some countries, but being such an expert means you have to kidnap or abduct the bride to get her married to the bridegroom by force or sometimes, by will. 


2. A Cunning Linguist

So what exactly would such a person do? Deceit foreigners and make a perfect fool out of them? 


3. Freelance Sperm Donor

Instead of going to sperm banks and letting them take a commission, a freelance sperm donor puts up an online service for clients to contact them and then deliver the sperm directly. This is a great way to make more money and orders.


4. Dinosaur Consultant



This is a dinosaur specialist, and whenever media channels want to do a show on Dinosaur, they can consult him to plan out the show and get valuable inputs about different events in history. 


5. Moonshiner

Well, it is not about going to the moon and starting the cleanup work. A moonshiner is a smuggler of liquor. 


6. MILF Commander



MILF stands for Moro Islamic Liberation Front and not for a sexually attractive married woman. It is a really funny title to have and say in public.


7. Cat Behavior Consultant

There is nothing to explain, but it is just too weird to say proudly.


8. FAP Specialist



Here is another case of unfortunate acronyms. FAP stands for Familial Adenomatous Polyposis which is a condition where polyps are formed in the large intestine. 


9. Hamburger University Professor

You might have guessed it right. Hamburger University is an initiative of McDonald's where interns and employees are trained and given a graduate degree.


10. Pornography Historian



This job title must be banned. No one would ever be able to say it even to his/her family members even though he/she might get paid heavily for this easy job


11. Head Of Ass Compact

Well, do not let your dirty mind interfere is this as Ass Compact is a popular magazine's name and not a practice of making ass tight for women!


12. The Happiness Advocate

Going through legal cases and visiting an advocate are equivalent to sadness in life. But wait, the happiness advocate has nothing to do with that. Such a professional requires you to be a life-coach to bring back the happiness in the troubled lives of people going through a tough time. 


13. Chick Sexer



Before you can run your mind wild, a person with that job title checks the gender of the chickens. 

14. Oyster Floater

Someone whose job is to clean the impurities of the oysters by floating them in water. 


15. Chief Happiness Officier (CHO)



Looks like the posts for CEO, CFO, COO are reserved and hence, companies have opened a new post-CHO where a person has to motivate the employees to produce better work output and quality. 


16. Cheese Sprayer

Go by its literal meaning, and you must always thank such a person who sprays extra cheese on your burger, popcorn, and pizza. 


17. Space Travel Agent



Even though it does sound funny and weird, it literally means someone who is a certified travel agent in Virgin Galactic which is the first space tourism company. 


18. Direct Mail Demi-God

This is a creative name given to the person who holds the post of direct mail manager. It is due to the fact that he receives so many emails every day that he has to be a demi-god to handle them properly. 


19.  Manager of Siemens

You must be aware of the fact that Siemens is a multi-national manufacturing company. But when you pronounciate the name, it can turn out to be funny to someone who does not know about the company. 


20. Sales Ninja/Accountant Ninja/ Social Media Ninja



Ninja signifies that someone is expert at his job. Would you really be able to write it on your business card with pride?


21. Worker Of AnalTech

Analtech is a plate manufacturing company it is not popular. Hence, taking its name in public could be an embarrassment. 


22. Wizard Of Light Bulb Moments

This is is a title given to people who are consistently top performers as marketing director on whom the success and growth of a department rest. 


23. Hair Boiler



This is actually a designation for someone who boils animal hair to curl it and use it in making products.


24. Digital Dynamo/Overload

This generally refers to digital marketing executives, and it is an informal practice in creative start-ups.


25. Master Of Underlining Stuff

It is quite a funny and weird job title to get addressed with, but for the money, you have to make the sacrifice.


Which one of these is your dream job? At least you can put up something unique on social media profiles to get a lot of attention by getting trolled!



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