9 Weird Jobs In The World That Will Give Your Goosebumps!


Even wondered how are the railings of a large bridge constructed and painted? Or who cleans the public toilet chambers every day? There are many jobs that are way tougher than the job you do in your life. After going through the following list of Weird jobs in the world, you will definitely stop complaining about your mundane job which you thought is the toughest in the entire world. Even if they pay you a million dollars, you will not dare to do the following jobs. 


1. Bridge Painter




The view in the image is enough to scare the shit out of any weak hearted person. Yes, they do have all the precautionary measure yet doing such a daring job requires a heart of steel. 




2. High Tension Wire Worker




If you thought that nothing can be any scarier than paint the railing of a bridge, you are just dead wrong. It is certainly the toughest and deadliest job of them all. They are literally hanging and the down view from there could give anyone a heart attack for sure.




3. Magician Assistant




Almost all the time, magicians take away all the credit for performing a life-threatening magic trick but the work done by the assistants are equally vital. Just imagine how many times the magician have practiced the deadly tricks backstage with the assistants who are always at the risk of losing their lives.  




4. Rooftop Snow Cleaner




You know how slippery it is walking on snow. These are many countries who receive ample amount of snowfall so much that their entire house gets covered with snow. These workers have to take the risk of their lives to clean them and a single mistake can claim their lives.




5. Stun Gun Tester




Every new device needs a volunteer to check whether the device is operating correctly or not. When it comes to stun gun, manufacturers have to make sure that it is 100% operational and hence, the brave hearted volunteers need to face the shock music. 




6. Crocodile Feeder




Apparantly, it may seem to be a very easy job but those who have observed crocodiles closely, they know that crocodiles can jump to any height to collect the flesh. Hence, no place is safe for feeding a crocodile. 




7. Elephants' Doctor




As you can see in the image what an elephant's doctor has to do, literally put the half of his body inside the rear end. That seems to be the most disgusting job but someone has to do it.




8. City's Potty Cleaner




All the waste product of the entire population of a city has to be collected and cleaned at different places and they deserve respect for the job they do. 




9. Animal Pleasuring




When you keep animals as pet or sports events, those animals just specialized people who do this apparently disgusting job. In the process, they also have to face the sexual fury of the animals. 




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