The Most Haunted Water Bodies In The World

We love to hit the water bodies in the summer whether it is your swimming pool, the nearby lake for picnic, or the beach for a trip. However, not all these water bodies can offer you the comfort and the fun you are expecting. The following list contains such haunted water bodies in the world that are responsible for taking lives fo many for reasons unexplained.

The SS Kamloops-Canada

In 1927 the SS Kamloops came across a dilemma throughout a storm on Lake Superior. The captain of its escorting ship, the Quebec dots a gigantic wave developing and was altering course to Fort William. The reason for the SS Kamloops descends was not make known.

Swimming Pool, Long Beach

The Queen Mary Hotel is an oceanic inside layer drawn on sailing in the North Atlantic. The first-class swimming pool appears as the center of it all. The main incident shown is of a young girl Jackie who plays at night with the guests.

Tennessee’s Bar Dam

Hales bar is America’s first hydroelectric dam and the manufacture of the dam was full of dreadful problems. There were mishaps and clash among the workers concerning race. True to form the Tennessee dam fashion, it swamps the old village for which it was known.

Virginia’s Braley Pond

The pond was the spotlight of the most extreme happenings. The distressing saga of a haunting at the Braley’s pond arrives from paranormal investigator Shea Willis. She, her friend and some teenagers sense fretfulness soon as they arrive. After a short time, two of the teens were physically ailing.

Lake Ronkonkoma

In the 1600s Princess Tuskawanta was in love with Hugh Birdsall who was a white woodsman. For seven years she wrote love letters to her lover by crossways of the lake. She didn’t get any answer which led to desolation, so she stabs herself in the middle of the lake.

New Jersey Beach

McManus a psychical author has been recording cases of Cape May’s various ghosts. He often notices the existence of spirits when he strides the sand of Higbee Beach. One spirit is a man at times walking a black dog. McManus considers that man could be the unhappy Thomas Higbee.

Devil’s Pool

Fifteen men have lost their lives at Devil’s pool in Australia. Legend state illicit love could be the cause. A young woman from Yidinji began to lust after another man soon after her marriage. She and the other man got away and flung themselves into the waters.

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