8 Creepy Abandoned Places Across The World You Should Never Go!

Well, our mind is always attracted to the places that have mystery attached to them. However, some of these places are not to be toyed with and that is why the following creepy places have been abandoned by local people. Therefore, you should never go to these places because you will be on your own in these places.

Danvers State Insane Asylum

This asylum is in Massachusetts and is antique. During its initial days, there was a rumor that this building was giving birth to many types of bad activities like shock therapy and drugs consumptions. It was shut down in 1992 it has gained a creepy look.

The Domes

Many of the people residing there don’t have the idea of who built this large concrete structure. This flying saucer look-alike was set up in the year 1982. This domes shaped building is in the middle of the Arizona desert.


This lies in the village of France. In the year 1944, this went through a difficult situation where the Nazi Panzer Unit sensed the local residents there kidnap that Waffen SS officer. More than 600 children, men, and women lost their lives.

Holy Land USA

This was at its acme during the ’60s and ’70s where they received ample numbers of visitors in a year. Due to its reparative condition, they have to close it in the year 1984. And soon after the death of its owner, there was no clue for its future work.

Bhangarh, India

This is in the state of Rajasthan and is very famous for its tourist’s attraction. This prohibits the entry at night and even the government is strict with this rule. There is a belief that a saddened magician cursed it during the 16th century as the kingdom princess rejected his proposal.

Beelitz Heilstatten Military Hospital

This was set up to deal with the massive outburst of Tuberculosis during the late ’80s. This turned out to use for both the world wars. This was operating under the Soviet Union and has remained empty since the country ceases to exist.

Discovery Hut

This hut is in Antarctica and seems to be a unique place where no one would like to visit. This was set up during Discovery Expeditions and is the second time that anyone visited the place.

Anderlecht Veterinary School

This building was set up during 90s and is located in Brussels. This has enormous halls that are full of many types of horrifying things like syringes and other medical stuff. There are many other attractive things like certain parts of the animal’s body are kept there.


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