SURROGATE ADVERTISING:10 alcohol companies and their brand ad with other product

Advertising simply means that promoting a product attribute to the public in an effective way. Surrogate advertising is a form of advertising which enables the promotion of commodities like alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco etc which cannot be advertised directly under the law .So, by the help of other commodities of the same brand they showcase the brand image of these banned products. Surrogate advertising is very effective in targeting the customers.

Here are some of the very famous alcohol beverages companies using these tactics to promote their products.


1. Royal Stag


Instead of advertising whiskey, Royal stag shows music CDs in its advertisement.






2. Bagpiper


Bagpiper also advertises bagpiper club soda instead of whiskey.






3. Hayward’s 5000


Everyone is well aware that Hayward’s 5000 are whiskey and Hayward 10000 is beer brands. However, they advertise themselves by showing soda and packaged drinking water.






4. McDowell’s No.1 Platinum


MacDowell’s advertises soda as its commodity rather than any of its alcoholic beverages.






5. Royal Challenge


 Royal challenge advertises packaged drinking water instead of alcohol. Leading cricketers are usually shown in the advertisement to grab the attention of viewers.






6. Imperial Blue


Imperial blue is again a famous brand which accepts surrogate advertising as its weapon and advertises music CDs instead of whiskey.






7. Officer’s Choice


Officer’s choice advertises snacks as it's commodity rather than alcoholic beverages. It presents itself as the best brand for officers and dynamic guys.





8. Tuborg


Tuborg is a Danish brewery company and also uses the surrogate advertising to promote its brand. They advertise soda instead of beer.






9. Kingfisher


Kingfisher is yet another famous brand which showcases soda and mineral water as its surrogate product. Apart from these, they are very popular for their kingfisher calendar (girls).






10. Blenders Pride


Blenders pride is an Indian premium whiskey, owned by Pernod Ricard. The smooth and smoky flavor of the liquor act wonder for its customer. However, it acquires "fashion Tour'' event as its surrogate advertiser.  



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