Trump Bans People from 7 Muslim-Majority Countries and Labels Them Terrorists



USA President in another one of his radical decisions has suspended the entry of refugees from 7 Muslim nations into the United States, naming the executive order as "extreme scrutiny" of refugees. This ban of Muslims will be in effect for 90 days and 120 days for the entry of all other refugees.



"Muslims" from 7 nations are, as of now banned from entering the US according to the order. Although rules are a bit lenient towards fleeing Christians, making the move a "religious-based maltreatment". Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Iraq, and  Yemen are the affected nations




Trump said that he was establishing new and stricter screening measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of USA and that he doesn't want them in the country, the very threats that his men (the US army) were fighting overseas, while he was speaking at the Department of Defense.



This order puts in place, a 90-day ban on the entry of citizens from the above mentioned 7 Muslim countries, suspends the admittance of refugees from Syria for an indefinite period of time and places a ban on the entry of all refugees into the US for a period of 120 days. It also bottlenecks the total number of refugees entering the USA to 50,000 this year, from 110,000 last year.







The order will hit Syria the worst, due to the 6-year civil war in the country that has claimed nearly 500,000 civilian lives and has displaced nearly 11 million Syrians. This is in direct conflict with the US constitution's "non-discrimination on the basis of religion" principle.



The US administration has made it clear that the orders aren't against any particular religion but the order has explicitly mentioned just that. Moreover, the president himself has said on numerous occasions that non-Muslims will be prioritized for admittance into the USA!



The new executive order read:



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