Indian National Flag and Emblem disgraced over and over again – 7 times!


According to The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, prevents dishonoring of the Indian national symbols including the National Flag, Constitution, Indian map & the Anthem. The offender will be punishable with a jail-term of 3 years and a hefty fine or both. Although this act has been enforced in 1971 a large population of the country are in the dark about it. While more and more cases of dishonoring of the national symbols come to light, it is worth contemplating the seriousness and the awareness that needs to be created among the general populace to prevent such negligence.




1. Amazon sells several items bearing the tri-color!




Amazon opened up old wounds that have long caused disturbance within the the patriots of our nation, when it came to light that it sold door-mats with the tri-color on it. Not only that but it even sold SHOES, keychain & shoe lace metal hoops among other items.




2. Sachin Tendulkar cuts Indian flag cake!



The cricket legend had once cut a cake that was made to look like the Indian national flag. A complaint was also filed against him by a social activist, Subodh Jain.




3. Chinese shoe company used tri-colored box



A newspaper in Himachal Pradesh, has reported that a chinese company has allegedly used shoe boxes with the tri-color on it! The police have also arrested a shopkeeper in the district of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.




4. PM Modi disgraces the tri-color in New York



PM Narendra Modi had gifted Barack Obama with the Indian National flag bearing his signature, violating the Indian Flag code! This was then argued against by saying that the violation kicks-in only when the flag is hoisted, and later again reported that the flag was taken away.




5. WWE's Kurt angle wiped his nose with the Indian tri-color



It was the grand WWF (now WWE) debut of Kurt Angle in the 90s. Another Indo-Canadian wrestler, Tiger Ali had wagered that he would pay $5000 to whoever wiped their nose with the USA flag and then Kurt Angle came up and won the bet but also moved on to wipe his nose with the Indian flag!




6. Café Press, sells T-shirts for canines bearing the emblem




American online retailer, Café Press, was found selling T-shirts for dogs with the Indian national emblem imprinted. The product is apparently still listed on the site. In addition to this, PANTIES, SHORTS and all sorts of other stuff were found on the site!




7. Other e-tailers with offensive material



Like Amazon, many other e-shopping sites like have had and still do, several products that bear the Indian emblem, the tri-color, the chakra etc. Although it hasn't triggered that much of an outbreak, these things should be pulled down.




Stringent rules and severe punishment are necessary to curb this practice of using the national symbols with utter disregard and nonchalance. Stern action, like those taken by our Minister of External Affairs of India, Sushma Swaraj against the offenders are to be followed in order to bring back the respect and reverence these symbols desevre.



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