Alternate Apps To Google, Facebook, and Many Others

There are so many common mobile and web apps that we use daily. However, there are many alternatives available to cut down the dependency on regular apps. Moreover, these alternative apps have many new features that users will love. Check out the best alternative to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

DuckDuckGo For Google

DuckDuckGo could be a striking substitute for those anxious that the queries they search today could reappear in years to come or they’re just opposed to the bunch harvesting of data. It does not pile up any data, unlike Google.


Epic Privacy Browser For Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Epic does all from blocking all sorts of ads, tracking, referral, and IP data transfers, and fundamentally functions in a lasting “Incognito Mode”, deleting your history, cookies, and so on every time it is closed.


Mastodon & Gab For Twitter

The essential principle of Mastodon is easy, all is decentralized fundamentally permitting people to generate and control their sites. Mastodon has been vocal about its resistance to Gab, but can’t stop Gab from using the service. Mastodon & Gab aim to upgrade free speech.

Minds For Facebook

Minds may be the option for those seeking for a more Facebook like feel. It is a fairly blazing copy of Facebook in aesthetics conditions. Mind permits people to make money via their platform.

Signal For WhatsApp

Every data on signal is piled up locally and encrypted. Signal is a messaging app made with added features to boot, for instance screenshot blocking, self-destructing messages, a non-learning keyboard, and the choice of putting a password to access your files.

ProtonMail For Gmail

ProtonMail is compatible to address both personal and professional email needs. Furthermore ProtonMail permits you to generate a password for messages going to non-ProtonMail users, apart from creating an expiration date for your messages.

Wickr For Snapchat

Wickr is an instant-messaging and video conferencing app existing on Android and iOS, with completely operational desktop editions too. It has become tremendously popular with those who favor more of a low-profile.

IDrive For Cloud storage

IDrive presents all the features in terms of backup, archiving, encryption, and security, but without doing so in replace for your data. It will do pretty well all one needs for a more private option.

PixelFed For Instagram

The makers of Mastodon have formulated an open-source option called PixelFed. It presents the same characteristics as Instagram, with firm security, but without marketing your data to advertisers. PixelFed functions like several mini-sites.

Librem For Android and iPhone

It is made with the only principle of being the most secure phone on the market; the Linux-based gadget offers all the encryption without mining your data, besides some extra characteristics such as killwitches.

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