Forensic Tools That Reveal That Which Does Not Meet The Eye

The forensic team can do unimaginable things and detect who committed crime from things that do not meet the eyes. For such detection, they use several tools that they use to collect evidence days after the crime. Today, we are revealing the different types of tools that forensic tools that are nightmare for criminals.


Amido Black and Leucocrystal Violet

These are helpful and suitable for Enhancing blood stains. These two are not visible for the naked eye to see it. It is of great use in order to trace prints on blood such as shoe prints and other types of prints.

Ardrox and Rhodamine

It is helpful in tracing fingerprints with ease and comfort. This enables the work of the fingerprint examiner to perform in a better way. In a case where the fingerprint is on a rough surface than the powder gets it into the crack surface.


This is of great use and importance when it comes to the dye staining process. After opening the cap of glue we get the smell of the glue. This is the fume smell which is made of certain particles. It is not good to inhale the smell of these types of glues



It is yet other types of chemical that is useful on blood. This liquid is very efficient in tracing the real blood. At times when blood dries up, it changes to be brown, so this is helpful in tracing the blood.

3D Scanner

It is very efficient but comes with a heavy price tag. This has the capacity to rotate 360 degree which helps in getting the photographs of the room and the stuff present in the room. It is suitable for calculating the distance of the scanner to the objects.

Gas Chromatograph-mass Spectrometer

This is one of the vital and ideal instruments for various types of forensic labs. It is a tube that is inclined to the machinery. In brief, examiner puts a substance inside the tube and makes a forward movement by the gas. The substance inside the tube travels at different speeds.

Bullet Puller

This is an instrument which comes with a bullet and a cartridge. It is at times useful to separate the bullet and the cartridge in order to see the available amount of gunpowder in the cartridge. It comes with a look of a plastic hammer.


This acid is of great use in order to track the serial numbers. The crime scene examiner treats the damaged area of the firearm in acid in order to restore the serial number.


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