9 Teenagers Who Became Rich For Ridiculous Reasons


Most of the people grow old trying to figure out the way to becoming rich but there are a few people who have not yet become matured men or women but their fortune turned them, millionaires. When you will come to know the ways through which they became crazy rich, you will bang your head against the wall because they are so ridiculous. Here are those 9 teens who became rich for ridiculous reasons that will piss you off. 



1. Matt Wegrzyn



The way Matt became rich at the age of 17 is so simply that it is just ridiculous. He bought and sold domain names related to real estate. He would just buy a good enough domain name and reach out to real estate owners and convince them to buy it. So he was buying domain names for $10 and selling them at $1000 or more.



2. Mike McDonald



He started playing online poker at the age of 15 and within three years he made $5 million. He got into it as his parents were pressuring him to get a job. He continued playing online poker even after his teenage. 



3. Abbey Fleck



She was at her teenage when she discovered a new way to cook bacon in micro-oven. Her father turned it into a container design. It got so popular that her name spread like wildfire and she got an offer from Walmart to disturb the containers. 



4. Gary Martin



He bought a small property with his father's money and started building night clubs in it when he was 16. Soon, it got popular and he was making filthy money. He did not stop there and expanded his reach. Soon he became the owner of a multi-millionaire dollar worth real estate company. Some people compare him with Donald Trump. 


5. Courtney Stodden



She was merely 16 when she contacted Hutchison Academy owner to get into acting classes. But instead, they started dating online. Hutchison was 51 then and he did not know her age initially and later he married her in the same year. She became a billionaire and let us just say she did so more for money than for love when the age gap is 35 years. 


6. Farrah Abraham



She was 18 when she gave birth to her child. She was broadcast in the popular show 16 and Pregnant. Then again, she became a part of Teen Mom show. Her popularity kept on growing for no reason at all and she became so popular and making money with sponsorship that she got into Celebrity Big Brother. 



7. Maddie Bradshaw



She was 10 when she started designing jewelry with soda bottle caps. It started becoming very popular and when she was 16, she already had a million dollar in her bank account., She later went on to sell her company and became multi-millionaire.



8. Jordan Maron



This is as ridiculous as it gets. His guy merely uploaded videos of playing the game Minecraft. His YouTube channel got crazy popular for no reason at all after all who would like to see someone playing Minecraft. But as luck would have it, he became a millionaire in a few years time. 



9. Danielle Breooli



She was 13 when she was on Dr. Phil Show in 2016. She was very rude to everyone on the show but somehow, the teenagers started liking her rude behavior. She became a social media sensation and made a lot of money from endorsing products. 


If you are taking the traditional route to became filthy rich, it is probably time to try something ridiculous. 



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