7 Superpowers Everyone Wishes To Have To Rule The World

There is no doubt that we appreciate superheroes in the movies because we cannot be like them even though we always want to be like them. It is a blessing that we do not have them because with power comes greater responsibility. Given, human nature, superpower can corrupt us and make lives of the rest of humanity a living hell. But that does not stop us from fantasizing about the superpowers we should have and the following is the most wanted ones.

Time Travel

This is one of the mysteries which everyone discusses. Some people do believe that some of the people can really travel time and can go to the future as well as past. If this was a reality than it was very easy for people to travel back to the time and change the things for their good. This also allows people to go and see the future in advance living in the present.


This is also one of the greatest qualities to read other’s mind. This lets you know about what others think about you, it may be good as well as bad. This allows a person to know about the thinking of their partners towards them and this turns out to be the greatest thing for each and every individual.


This is a term which allows a person to travel distant places in seconds. This lets people travel a long distance and inaccessible places within friction of time. This is of the greatest thing that turns out to be beneficial for the people and something that saves a lot of time and i8s very much suitable for emergency cases.


This is one of the greatest things one could do. In today’s date, doctors have become very expensive and treating several ailments costs a heavy amount. If I have the power of healing I would have reduced the pain of the people by healing their various diseases. This power can save people from several dangerous diseases such as cancer and other harmful diseases.


As soon as this thing comes to our mind we remember Mr. India how we enjoy this movie in our childhood. This is one of the superpower everyone wishes for which allows one individual to look at others being invisible to others.

Super Strength

This is one of the important factors that enhance your respect towards others. Super strength allows you to lift heavy weight items easily without facing any types of problems. This indirectly threatens others and they would in the worst dream ever thing to fight with you.

Water Breathing

This is one of the greatest qualities that hardly any people have. Breathing underwater will let you swim underwater without any types of oxygen masks and lets you have an inner view of the deepest ocean easily. This lets you find hidden treasures with comfort.


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