16 Biological Traits Babies Get From Their Mothers

If you are a daughter, you must be blaming your mom if you don't look pretty, isn't it? Even boys blame their dads for their look and personality. But inheritance does not function the way you think.

There are selective traits that you get from your mom and some traits from your dad, and it does not depend whether you are a boy or girl. Why don't you blame or thank your mom for traits you derived exclusively from her? The following 16 such biological traits and characteristics that your mom is responsible for.



1. Body Shape



There are as much as 80 percent chance that if your mom is fat, you are likely to get fat as well if you do not exercise and control your diet. But whatever body shape you derive from your mom, it is up to you to change it the way you want to with exercising. 


2. Disabilities



If you mom had drunk alcohol and smoked during her pregnancy to the extent that it has affected your development, you can surely blame your mom for being irresponsible.


3. Type 2 Diabetes



If you mom did not take care of her diet during her pregnancy, you might take a high chance of getting type 2 diabetes in future. This is because lack of nutrition has lead to suppressive genes that prevent normal release of insulin in the body of the baby.


4. Similarities In Menstrual Cycle



Scientists have found that mom's and baby's body show quite a lot of coincidence. There are nearly 60 chances that a daughter will start the menstrual cycle at the same age as her mother did. 


5. Similarities In Health Concerns



If you mom has migraines issues, arthritis, and even Alzheimer, those deadly issues can be passed on to you as you get older. Always be aware of your mom's health problems and take care of yourself accordingly. 


6. Breast Cancer



Breast cancer is becoming a common thing in women, and the reason is the fact that there are high chances of a daughter having a breast cancer if her mother also had it. Rather than blaming your mom, check with doctors when you feel the lump on your breasts.


7. Hairline



Keeping the negativities aside, here is one good thing you can inherit from your mother for which you can thank her. Different women have different hairlines, and yours can be very similar to your mom naturally.


8. Mutation



The mutation could be a good or a bad thing depending on where it happens and how you look at it. If you have a unique hair color or eye color, it is due to a mutation that you have derived from your mom. 


9. Blonde or Brunette 



Whether you will be a blonde or brunette is directly dependent on your mom. In other words, your body type, hair color, and your shape are from your mother. 


10. The Deadly AIDS



This is something you can openly blame your mom, and it is because of her negligence, you are having the deadly HIV AIDS. Most people think that only when they come across people with AIDS that they can have it and it is not entirely true due to the above-mentioned condition.

11. Left Handedness 



Are you a leftie? You might have already figured out that you have got it from your mother. It is something that can add a spark in your personality.

12. Immune System



Do you have a weak immune system and you are always vulnerable to cold and allergic substance? The chances are high that you have got it from your mom if she complains about the exact same things.


13. Addictions



There are various types of addictions a person can have. It can be alcohol, smoking, and even physical intimacy. You are likely to inherit those addictions from your mom if she has them. 


14. Huntington's Disease



Huntington's disease is still incurable, and it is passed from mother to baby. In this disease, there is a gradual break down of the nervous system observed. Along with that, there is a deterioration of motor functions, and slowly paralysis can take place in the entire body. 


15.  Hashimoto's Disease



This is a unique disease where the immune system attacks the thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland is a very important endocrine gland whose hormones control metabolism, brain development and various other systems in our body. If your mother has it, you are likely to have the same. It becomes prominent in middle age. 


16. Heart Diseases



Do you have high blood pressure? It is probably due to your mother having the same. Did you mom suffer a stroke or had heart operation? If yes, you need to take extreme care and start doing cardio to keep your heart happy and healthy.

Besides all these traits you derive from your mom and dad, there are many that just evolve on their own based on natural selection, can you guess which are those?



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