17 Foods To Avoid That Are Likely To Cause Cancer

Do you know that some foods that you eat every day can kill you? Cancer is the most feared disease in the present scenario. Do you think living a balanced lifestyle is enough to prevent cancer? World Health Organization has released a list of foods that are suspected to carry carcinogenic agents that you can cause cancer in the long run.

If you do not want to be the one among those 7.6 million people dying every year of cancer, you should avoid the following 17 cancer causing foods at any cost.



1. Canned Tomato 



Even though the tomato is a cancer-preventing food, but when it is placed inside cans, the toxic preservative chemicals on the lining of the cans infiltrates the skin of the tomatoes. Even after thorough washing, the chemical stays and causes cancer when taken as salads. 


2. Microwave Popcorn



Do you still prepare popcorns in the microwave? You might have already heard that microwave popcorn are highly rich in carcinogenic chemicals. It causes testicular and pancreatic cancers. The chemical used for flavors are also toxic.


3. Genetically Modified Foods 



The vegetable and food market is full of GMOs. For example, 90% of corns are genetically modified, and in the process, they become carcinogenic agents. Always prefer to buy organic and fresh foods and vegetables. 


4. Red Meats That Are Grilled And Processed



Even though grilled red meats are extremely delicious, but during the grilling process, the red meat releases heterocyclic aromatic amines which are a carcinogenic agent. Instead, go for baking and preparing meat in a skillet. In case of processed meat, preservatives used are likely to cause cancer. Buy fresh meat from the market. 


5. Salmons That Are Raised In Farms



Do you know that 60% of salmon in European countries are farm-raised? Though Salmon is one of the healthiest fishes you can have, farm-raised Salmons get unnatural diet and consume harmful chemicals to make them fatter. Go for fresh salmon else avoid. As a matter of fact, all farmed fishes are dangerous.


6. Hydrogenated Oil



Processed foods are well preserved with hydrogenated oil. But these oils have the ability to pierce through cell membranes and affect cells to become cancerous. Even vegetable oils are harmful. Better go for coconut or olive oil. 


7. Bread – The Shocker



Bread is something almost everyone has in the morning breakfast. But WHO has found that the bread available in the world market have various harmful chemicals like potassium bromate that makes the bread white and bulky. Such bread can cause nervous system disorders and cancer. It is difficult to identify them as most of the markets has them. 


8. Refined Sugar



Do you know that tumors grow in size by consuming sugar from blood? Nobel-winner Otto Warburg found that refined sugar and sweeteners are cancer-causing agents. Avoid such foods that have sweeteners, colors, and preservatives in them. 


9. Potato Chips – The Devil



Who does not like to have potato chips? Whether it is kids or adults, you will always find potato chips packets in every house. But it is the artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors and especially the presence of acrylamide which is generally present in cigarettes that causes cancer in the long run. 


10. Smoked Food With Salts and Pickles



These are the fast food that everyone dies to eat everyday. They are definitely delicious but highly toxic for human body. They are likely to cause colorectal and stomach cancer as smoke changes the structure of the food and deposits cancer-causing agents in blood.

11. Carbonated Beverages



First of all, carbonated beverages have sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives and harmful chemicals as ingredients that are sure to lead to cancer once you get addicted to them. 


12. Anything That Reads "Diet"



There are many soda and soft drinks available that has label of "diet" as if no fat will form in your body. But they use artificial sweeter and harmful chemicals to achieve that state and ruin human body to cause cancer. 


13. White Flour



We have talked about slices of bread which are a direct product of white flour. There are so many items popular in the market that are all made up of white flour like biscuits, snacks, and likewise. Thr carbohydrates in white flour get converted into simple sugar which are harmful and carcinogenic agents. 


14. Colored Food



Have you noticed that your attention will always get attracted to different colors? There are so many products available in the market that are visually appealing due to use of different colors. They are not natural colors and hence, harmful and toxic chemicals are used to get the color. Avoid them if you do not want to have cancer in future. 

15. French Fries – Heartbreaking



Who does not like to have french fries after dipping in delicious sauces? But french fries is a leading cause of cancer as it contains hydrogenated oils that we already mentioned above. They are salty and smoked and contain chemicals found in cigarettes. 

16. Soy – No More Safe



Soy is considered to be the best alternative to meats. But research has shown that soy has the ability to modify the genes to cause cancer especially in women. Furthermore, soy available in the market is genetically modified. 

17. Alcohol – No Wonders



We all know that tobacco is the leading cause of cancer on Earth. Alcohol is the second leading cause. Low intake of alcohol is healthy for the body but excessive consumption and addiction can lead to all the different types of cancers in the human body. 


We are sure that many of these cancer causing foods are a regular part of your diet. It is high time to change your diet and eat healthy food that prevents cancer to stay healthy.




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