12 Types Of Body Piercing That Are Popular Worldwide

Are you looking forward to getting a body piercing soon to set you apart from others? Then you have to be aware of the different types of body piercing commonly done. Body piercing is the process of puncturing body parts to insert a jewelry piece in the hole. It started almost 5,000 years ago and popularized by Indians and Romans.

The reason for body piercing varies as it could be due to a spiritual process, sexual pleasure, fashion in modern word or increasing aesthetic value of the body. Here are the top 12 types of body piercing most people opt for. 



Check Out Diffrent Types of Body Piercing


1. Ear Piercing



Every part of the ear is pierceable. Earlobe and cartilage piercing are common. Earlobe piercing is a tradition in India. Industrial, orbital, helix, anti-helix, tragus, anti-tragus, auricle, conch, daith, rook are some of the different ear piercing possible. 


2. Lips Piercing



Is this going to be your first piercing ever? Lip piercing could be the best option as it is least painful and more attractive. Both the upper and lower lips can be pierced for an unique look.


3. Eye Piercing



It is one of the most painful and dangerous piercings. It can include eyebrow as well as the eyelid. Intraocular is a unique but extremely critical eye piercing some people dare to do. For safety, you could also go for an anti-eyebrow piercing.


4. Tongue Piercing



Tongue piercing is common among girls, and most of them do it to give pleasure to sexual partner while kissing or proving oral pleasure. It was introduced by artist Elayne Angel and became extremely popular among Americans. It is also done in Uvula which is the little tongue visible at the back of your throat when you open your mouth. 


5. Nose Piercing



Nose piercing is a tradition in many developing countries across the world. It is mainly done to put on jewelry. Piercing can be done on the nostril, septum, on the outer side of the nose or even at the top of the nose. 


6. Cheek Piercing



Want to increase the aesthetic value of your face and grab everyone's attention? You need to opt for the most popular cheek piercing – dimple piercing to give people the impression of having sweet dimples while smiling. It is done for fashion and attraction as dimples are always eye-catching and loved by one and all. Other than that, you can opt for customized piercing on the cheek as you wish. 


7. Nipple Piercing



It is the oldest form of piercing which started by men to showcase the courage and valor. Even in the Victorian era, it was done to certify people for their bravery. Today, it is mostly done by women to show off through tight skin dresses. It varies in terms of the jewelry shape used.


8. Corset Piercing


The corset is a popular woman undergarment tightly fitted from chest to hips. Corset piercing is a temporary piercing to replicate the design of a corset on the body especially along the spinal cord. It requires local anesthesia to do it as it is painful and needs multiple piercing. 

9. Nape Piercing



Do you want to do a piercing just for the experience and not to make you look odd? Nape piercing at the back of your neck is ideal for you. Not many people would notice it in the first place, and it is among least painful piercings. 


10. Chest Piercing



Chest piercing is a new trend popular both in men and women. Women do it in their cleavage to attract attention and break the stereotype. It is also done below the collarbone as it is always exposed part.


11. Navel Piercing



Navel piercing is extremely common among women, and it is an age old practice. It is mainly done to show off and increase aesthetic value. If you have flat abs, it is perfect for you, and you can choose a customized jewelry design with jewels to be unique. 


12. Genital Piercing



This is strictly done either for sexual pleasure or spiritual endeavors. It has become a fetish among certain women and is inspired by adult stars. It is needless to mention that such piercings are extremely painful and can lead to dangerous infections. 


Which one out of these top ten body piercing do you find most attractive and willing to do in near future? 



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