List Of 15 Types Of Lip Piercing To Enhance Your Facial Beauty

The lip piercing is a special type of facial or oral piercing done mostly by females to add more beauty to their face. It started in Africa where it is a tradition to pierce the lips of young men according to their culture.

Lip piercing is very common as it is the least painful piercing of them all. There are various types of lip piercing available, and people choose them according to their style. The fun fact is lip piecing makes kissing more exciting for the partner than being a turn-off.

Check Out Types of Lip Piercing For your Facial Beauty

Traditional Piercing

1. Monroe

Generally, a black barbell is on the upper left lip as if it is a birthmark. It is better only for those with thick lips. It is named after Marilyn Monroe who did it to represent her late sister’s birthmark.

2. Madonna

Madonna lip piercing is the exact opposite of Monroe where the barbell is placed to the upper lips at the left side. The famous singer Madonna made it popular.

3. Medusa

This is another popular lip piercing where the barbell is placed at the center of the upper lip. A centered nose piece jewelry above it goes well with this piercing.

4. JestrumĀ 

It is a modification of Medusa where one more additional barbell is placed at the center of the top lip. Sometimes, a long circular bar with two barbells at the opposite ends is used instead of two separate barbells.

5. Centered LabretĀ 

The barbell is placed just below the lower lip and exactly in the center position. It adds elegance, style and acts as a boost for confidence. This is the most preferred lip piercing type.

6. Vertical Labret

Along with a barbell at the center of the area just below the lower lip, a barbell is also placed on the bottom lip just above and centered labret. It is best for a sharply pointed chin.

7. Horizontal Labret

This is a new trend where the bottom lip is pierced twice so that two barbells can be placed at an equidistance from the center. There is no piercing on the lower lip.

Bite Piercing

8. Dahlia Bite

It is also called Joker because it does represent the face of a Joker to some extent. Two labret studs are placed on both the sides of the lips horizontally on the same line. Studs are generally placed as close as possible to the lips.

9. Snake Bite

Two rings are used for getting snake bite piercing. The circular rings have two studs on both the side that protrude out of the bottom lip and the ring is pierced from inside. Alternately, studs can also be used.

10. Spider Bite

A spider bite is very painful, and hence, one piercing is done at a time. The difference between spider and snake bite is that spider bite piercing is done only on one side and mostly with barbells. These barbells are also very close to each other, and hence, it is more painful.

11. Angel Bite

It is same as snake bite, but it is done on the upper lip. It looks great with a nose piece ring.

12. Dolphin Bite

Dolphin bite is designed for males, and it consists of two black or stainless steel studs in the middle of the chin end and lower lip. It looks good when you keep shades of beard around it.

13. Canine Bite

Canine is a combination of snake bite and angel bite. Hence, there will be four piercing, and it is done in two rounds.

14. Shark Bite

It is more like a spider bite on both sides of the lower lip. Mostly, studs are used, but if you can sit for four rounds, you can go for four ring piercing.

15. Cyber Bite

It is a combination of Labret and Medusa piercing. The studs are placing exactly opposite to each other, and the same distance is maintained from both the lips.

Which one out of them you like the best and do you think you can come out with your own style apart from these? And yes, you can also try dimple piercing to add even more glamour to your face. Cheers !!

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