10 Eye-Catching Black Hairstyles For Men That Will Drive Women Crazy


There are many people who do not differentiate between hair color. For them, black and brown are all the same. But different colors of hair require different types of hairstyles as per suitability. Here are the top 10 black hairstyles that are ruling men industry and they are instantly eye-catching and set you apart from the crowd.



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Check Out These 10 Amazing Black Hairstyles



1. Frohawk




One of the most popular black hairstyles in men and it is especially seen among celebrities and athletes. A little bit of beard would be nice and the sides should be lined. Use hair gel to straighten the crowded middle part.





2. Kayne West Hairstyle




Kayne West is quite popular in creating controversy and his hairstyle is one of the most followed. This is best for the summer season and a classic glass is absolutely mandatory. It is best suited for people having less hair on the sides.





3. Drake Hairstyle



Drake hairstyle is quite popular among youth. It is a lined up haircut where the sides dominate the forehead. A trimmer beard line won't be a bad idea.





4. Short Side, Long Top



This is quite easy to do and you can maintain it for a long time. Hair stays covered in all parts and you just need to cut it as per the title. The back part should be exact like the sides. And this hairstyle looks way too attractive.





5. Top Heavy Temple Fad



This is an updated version of the previous one and needs the dedication to do it though it might not stay for a very long time. Along with hairstyle, the beard lines have to be stylish as well. It makes your personality attractive and dashing.





6. Low Side Parted Taper



The divisions have to be clearly visible and the top part should be slightly heavy than the sides. The front end should be rounded. This style give you a sharp look to your personality





7. Usher Hairstyle



The unique thing about his hairstyle is that the sides and the sidelocks down to some part of the beard are almost completely shaved. The back stays the same as the top. 





8. Short and Curly



This is one of the most popular because of the striking line. It must be curved and clearly separates the sides with low trimmed hair. 





9. Clean Short Hairstyle



If you long your beard too much, this is best for you. Your beard will get all the focus and there will be slight hair on the top part and the sides are almost shaved. It is best for married men and people above 30. 





10. Short Hair Low Taper




This is best for those having very dense hair. It would look amazing on them and a classic glass will increase its glamor quotient. Clean shaved is a better option as far as beard and mustache go. 



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